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Hampshire, England was created to help Boards Senior Executive Leaders by adding a vital Plus to their existing data and cyber security. We help assess, audit, close gaps and build positive Cyber Cultures. We protect against reputational risk.

The facts

  1. Most organisations assume they are covered for all Cyber Threats by just their software and IT service/staff.
  2. 70% of breaches/losses come from non-technical breaches; our staff or processes can cause a breach despite top software security.
  3. Most board-level and senior leadership teams know little about the current (large) risks now held.
  4. Most staff are not aware of the significant potential for IP and reputation loss or what to look out for.
  5. UK Government (2014) and EU (2015) now require Cyber Security standards across many organisations.

Your Solution is

  1. An assessment by high level experts and a senior management workshop for awareness and joint planning.
  2. An enduring Cyber Culture is embedded in the organisation. A unique UK offering that has removed the 70% risk that remains present for most.
  3. Follow-on help is pushed to managers to support them as they keep the Cyber Culture progressing and evolving; just as the threat does.
  4. We adhere to the UK British Standard (ISO27001:2013) and PAS555. is a Charmogen Group enterprise (,
Charmogen is a proud member of the BSI.


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