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    RetailSecured Fortinet and other Infosec Partners for Retail Security

    Retail crime at an all time high

    Organised criminal activity is on the rise both online and in-store. Are you ready to be the next Target? Cyber impacts all areas of the supply chain from sourcing and logistics to merchandising, POS and aftercare opening up a myriad of avenues to attack.

    In 2015 the UK Retail Industry experienced significant cyber attacks and data breaches with household names such as Tesco, Office, Staples, Carphone Warehouse all affected. Data breaches are difficult to quantify in that the overall financial impact to the retailer cannot easily be measured given that the shockwaves and damage to reputation can last for years.

    Cyber affects the entire sales chain

    Cyber now impacts all areas of the supply chain from sourcing and logistics, to merchandising, checkouts and aftercare. Even physical security systems that are used to prevent customer and employee theft includng closed-circuit television (CCTV) and electronic article surveillance (EAS) are all network based highlighting the important role cyber plays in Retail security.

    Infosec Partners and Fortinet have helped significant Retail organisations globally to optimise their security approach.

    Contact us for help with securing the supply chain, eCommerce application, achieving PCI DSS compliance, to securing and getting the most from in-store WiFi, shopper tracking, EAS etc.

    Retail cyberattack victim WCS shares all.

    Securing the future of retail today.

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