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Darktrace Cyber Intelligence Platform (DCIP) is Darktrace's leading Enterprise Immune System solution, representing a new class of enterprise-wide cyber defense software that helps large enterprises and government bodies protect themselves against advanced attacks and data compromises from within the network. It is principally designed to counter the most serious and sophisticated forms of attack, including Advanced Persistent Threats and insider threats.

DCIP is a linearly-scalable software platform which is capable of monitoring network, host and mobile device activity across the enterprise, providing a range of cyber capabilities that deliver robust and resilient defense against large-scale cyber compromise and attacks.

DCIP is uniquely capable of identifying human and machine behaviors that represent threat with a high degree of accuracy — and without a deluge of false positives. Powered by revolutionary Bayesian mathematics, it has a unique inside view of an organization's entire network activity at the deepest level and is able to automatically learn from all information that flows through the network.

Modelling patterns of life for each user and machine, it is the only software platform able to detect normal and abnormal behaviors as they emerge, without already knowing what it is looking for, and calculate the probability of threat based on the detection of behavioral anomalies.

The essential and unique function performed by DCIP is to apply an intelligence-led filter to the noise of an organization's internal networks and systems, amplifying the sounds that need to be heard. Its ability to spot and correlate small indicators of change and compromise allow it to detect even extremely subtle and persistent threat actors, wherever they come from and whatever their intent.

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