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Many companies today are focusing on securing their organization from threats that exist outside the perimeter of their network by using firewalls and IDS/IPS systems. But most of today’s threats are not entering the organization through the firewall, but through malware-infected devices behind the firewall. In order to strike at the root cause of this, you need a network access control solution that blocks unwanted devices from accessing your network.

The problem with traditional NACs is that they were complex, costly, and not flexible enough to work within your existing network. Not anymore.

NetBeat NAC is the next-generation solution to comprehensive access control that is simple to deploy and manage. No agents or changes to network infrastructure; it could simply be taken out of the box and blocking untrusted devices within a few minutes.

In order for security to be practiced, it must be practical.

Mid-sized companies across all industries can depend on NetBeat NAC to defend their networks against untrusted or unwanted devices in three simple steps:

  • Step 1: Build your trust list through automatic discovery or via CSV import.
  • Step 2: Enable blocking of devices outside of trust list. Or set up custom alerts to see when new devices attach to your network.
  • Step 3: Sit back and relax, knowing that NetBeat NAC has you covered against rogue or malicious devices.

Beyond this core NAC functionality, NetBeat NAC appliances can enumerate vulnerabilities present on the devices accessing your network in a non-intrusive way similar to how hackers would, so that you can be proactive about remediating vulnerabilities. Appliances are also equipped with a malware detection feature designed to identify outbound "command and control" traffic destined toward known malware sites, and this is integrated with the blocking engine to provide millisecond response time to contain this type of malware threats.

NetBeat NAC in Action - Automatically discover and block untrusted devices

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