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Beyond Internet Access

Go beyond simply providing the convenience of Internet access to your guests. AirTight Guest Wi-Fi can be used to creatively leverage the revolution of smart devices and mobile apps for expanding your relationship with customers.

The captive portal on AirTight Guest Wi-Fi access points can be customized with your company branding and designed to inform customers about special offers and allow them to place orders from their Wi-Fi devices. Customers can enjoy the Internet access while their orders get ready, instead of standing in a long line or waiting for their turn at the drive thru.

Wi-Fi Analytics for Business Intelligence

Organisations including retailers can leverage AirTight's Wi-Fi analytics engine to gain visibility into Wi-Fi usage across their stores and use the intelligence to better engage with their customers and increase revenue.

The analytics provides real-time information such as number of active Wi-Fi user devices, types of devices including automatic fingerprinting of smartphones and tablets, and Wi-Fi network usage. In addition, retailers have ready access to a rich repository of Wi-Fi analytics reports that can be generated on demand or scheduled for automatic delivery by email. The analytics reports include trends about number of Wi-Fi user devices, their activity, the duration of associations across a specific store or group of stores and during specific times of the day or on a daily, weekly or monthly basis.

Based on the business intelligence, marketing and operations departments can use AirTight's customizable guest Wi-Fi captive portals for localized marketing, e.g., to push coupons, announce daily specials, and to encourage customers to register their information to participate in localized opt-in marketing programs. Emerging geo-marketing mobile apps could be integrated with Wi-Fi access to explore new ways of engaging guests.

  • Real-time and historic Wi-Fi analytics across stores and times of interest
  • Rich, customized in-store Wi-Fi experience for guests
  • More loyal customers and increased revenue for retailers
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Limited time offer. 3 AirTight C-55 Access Points for only £849 while stocks last
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Concurrent 3x3:3 Wi-Fi Access and 24/7 Wireless Intrusion Prevention in a Single 802.11n AP
AirTight C-50 is an enterprise grade dual band, single radio 2x3:2 MIMO 802.11n platform. When used for Wi-Fi access, the C-50 can be tuned in software to operate either in the 2.4 GHz or 5 GHz frequency band. With 2x3 MIMO technology and support for two spatial data streams, it can deliver data rates of up to 300 Mbps. It is ideal for cost-minded enterprises that want reliable performance in environments with low or moderate density of Wi-Fi clients and basic background wireless monitoring.
Designed for the Most Demanding Wireless Security Needs24/7 Protection from Wireless Threats
Dual radio 11ac AP
Radio1: 11n/3x3:3/2.4GHz
Radio2: 11ac/3x3:3/5GHz/Wave 1
Dual radio 11ac AP
Radio1: 11n/3x3:3/2.4GHz
Radio2: 11ac/3x3:3/5GHz/Wave 1
Dual radio 11ac AP
Radio1: 11n/3x3:3/2.4GHz
Radio2: 11ac/3x3:3/5GHz/Wave 1
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