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BusinessStriking a balance between Security & Opportunity

Striking a balance between Security & Opportunity

Challenges and Opportunity for businesses are often intertwined in today’s increasingly interconnected, competitive and volatile world.

With news of mainstream brands falling victim to Cyber attacks increasing in both frequency and in magnitude, businesses are finally looking to Cyber to secure their operations and reputation, but also for competitive advantage.

Companies have never before faced such a challenge to stay healthy and relevant, with a multitude of megatrends, emerging technologies and security threats to keep abreast of. The diverse demands on Board members, means that it can often be a challenge to fully understand the many new issues facing companies, while keeping up with their ongoing oversight responsibilities.

What are your Crown Jewels?

Financial, Personal, IP, and trade secrets. It is impossible to protect all company information to 100% and so companies need to address their risk appetite, and determine which crown-jewels are more important, and deserve stronger defences than others. However Cyber certainly is not just something to be scared of. By evolving from a reactive stance to one of anticipation, Cyber affords the prepared a powerful competitive advantage.

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