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This live event was hosted by double olympic champion Shirley Robertson and demonstrated simulated attacks on both an existing superyacht legacy security network and a secure system built around a reference security architecture, using the power of the Fortinet Security Fabric of Controls.

Conversation topics included:

  • The current state of Maritime Cyber Security
  • IMO cyber requirements and the rapidly approaching deadline
  • IT/OT onboard environment and legacy controls
  • Recommended levels of protection
  • The Integration of cyber, physical and electronic security measures
  • Q&A session

Speakers Included:

Mark Oakton – Security Director (Infosec Partners)
Patrick Grillo – Senior Director (Fortinet)
Pete Murphy – Chief Executive Officer (Priavo Security )
Alan McCormick – Major Projects Manager at (Halo Group Security Limited)
Alex Martin – UK Technical Team Manager (Infosec Partners)
Gary Cumming – Superyacht ETO & AVIT Engineer (Private Yacht)
Simon Brownhill – Maritime consultant and certified cyber auditor

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