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5 Reasons Why Your Organisation Needs An EDR Solution

By July 6, 2021November 17th, 2022No Comments
5 Reasons why you need EDR Endpoint Detection & Response

Every single device that connects to your network (known as an endpoint), such as a laptop, tablet, mobile or IoT and smart device, makes your organisation cyber vulnerable.  Each connected device provides a potential entry point for attackers to hack and gain access to your data, and to cause damage across your infrastructure, operations, and reputation. 

With the increase of staff, students and collaborators using their own devices to connect to workplace networks, the threat of cyber attacks has significantly risen.  

Endpoints are easy targets for attackers, because quite often they are poorly protected with antivirus software that is outdated or disabled by users.

With increasingly sophisticated and advanced tactics that can bypass outdated, disabled, conflicting or failed anti-virus measures, businesses and education establishments need to shore up their cyber defences to minimise the risk of an endpoint breach. 

An EDR solution (Endpoint Detection and Response) monitors all devices on your network, providing increased detection, investigation, and response capabilities across your infrastructure.

Why you need an EDR Solution

Here’s our top 5 reasons why your organisation should extend your security perimeter with an EDR solution: 

  1. Provides enhanced visibility – allows you to continuously monitor all endpoint devices in real time, giving you a greater chance to stop a breach before your systems are compromised.
  2. Detects attacks that have gone unnoticed – with cyber criminals utilising sophisticated tactics even the most advanced security measures on devices can be breached – we always say it’s not if but when you suffer a breach.  Your attackers can therefore  go unnoticed for weeks, freely moving across your network, confident that you are unaware of their presence. An EDR platform can automatically detect threats that have bypassed internal device security measures and flag up suspicious activity.
  3. Undertakes advanced threat hunting – an EDR platform monitors the devices connected to your network, proactively hunting out suspicious activity and potential compromises that can bypass the anti-virus protection on devices. 
  4. Enables a faster response to breaches  – damage limitation is impacted by the time taken to realise and neutralise the breach. An EDR platform can speed up the detection and response process. The quicker you identify and respond to a breach, the lesser the damage.
  5. Cost effective and integrated cyber security – an EDR platform simplifies the process through one central platform, reducing the need for staff to individually monitor a varying number and types of endpoints each with different layers and levels of device protection.

Infosec Partners provide a range of EDR solutions from leading vendors such as Fortinet, SentinelOne and Cynet. If you are short on internal cyber resources, we can further strengthen your cyber security by providing EDR as a managed solution, with 24/7 monitoring and incident response via our team of security experts and analysts.


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