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Full-spectrum information security expertise and managed security services

The key principle upon which Infosec Partners was founded is as apparent today as when it was first established; namely to enable organisations to meet tailored Governance, Risk Management and Compliance programmes through a trusted network of Information Security experts and partners.

Founded in 2004, the Infosec Partners group provides an extensive range of services from Technical Vulnerabiity Testing and Managed Security Services through to Forensic Incident Management and Formal Certification to PCI DSS and ISO 27001, to some of the world’s largest and most sensitive businesses as well as high profile individuals and families.

Security Consultants at Infosec Partners are formally trained to a high degree, having at least one of the following Security Management certifications: CESG CLAS, CISSP, CISM, CISA, BS7799 Lead Auditor (ISO27001), as well as vendor specific qualifications and experience in a mixture of environments from dedicated security consultancies to Full Spectrum Security roles within leading public and private sector organisations.

Utilising world-class people and technology, we deliver 100% guaranteed Information Compliance, Data Security and Personal Privacy solutions. Our flexible security service portfolio allows you to outsource whole or component parts of your IT and information security requirements or access specialist support as needed when impartiality is critical.

"Infosec Partners has a reputation as a trusted advisor and managed security services innovator and is an astute partner to enterprise customers with security and compliance concerns.”

Greg Gyves, MSSP Channel Manager at Fortinet

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VIPIT Security

Personal reputation and information protection

Virtually every day there is a story in the newspapers about some high profile person having their systems attacked or their reputation tarnished. Until now, there has been no single source of protection for individuals. VIPIT provides executives, families and estates, confidential security advice and a portfolio of personalised services to protect and manage the security of your reputation and assets. VIPIT offers 24x7 protection whether you're at work, at home or away.


Board-level advisory for operations and cyber security

CyberPlus provides Boards, board members , shareholders and specialist markets with confidential services aimed at evaluating the integrity of their organisations’ Cyber Strategy. CyberPlus enables Boards to cut through the jargon; making it easier to understand, translate and align the challenges and opportunities of Cyber Security, with their ongoing oversight responsibilities. Assessments and audits help to ensure that gaps are identified and closed, whilst positive Cyber Cultures are built and breathed organisation-wide as the backbone to protect against reputational and operational risk.

Highclere Crest

Securing your Work- and Home- Automation Systems

Your centralised lighting, heating and home entertainment systems could be putting you at risk. With the Internet of Things scaling exponentially, more and more devices from lighting and heating to home entertainment and refrigerators are being connected to the Internet. Control systems are becoming ever more popular in both homes and offices, from the bedroom to the boardroom, however many are not implemented securely leaving you vulnerable to attack. We are the only security company accredited by the top 3 control automation vendors.


Connect to Advanced Threat Protection as-a-Service

What if you could extend your existing security controls to include Advanced Threat Protection without the headaches of justifying a large Capex outlay? FortiSecured by Infosec Partners offers you just that. FortiSecured by Infosec Partners is unique. It is the only fully integrated platform of security controls and expert resource available to businesses. The service is specifically designed to both reduce the likelihood of any attack and also to minimise the impact of any successful intrusion.

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