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Achieve Your Security Goals With Partners You Can Trust

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Achieve your security goals with partners you can trust

Achieve Your Security Goals With Partners You Can Trust

I’ve been asked a number of times over the years why our company is called Infosec Partners. ‘Infosec’ most people get as it is short for Information Security and because we’ve been around for ages and are UK-based, some have associated us with the annual Infosec week in London which we’ve been going to for the best part of 20 years. However it’s the ‘Partners’ bit that has drawn the most intrigue.

Providing Security Services As Part Of Your Team

Information and cyber security is personal. When we perform managed penetration testing for clients, we almost always find a problem and we help them fix it. When we do risk assessments for clients and help them work out a strategy to meet their risk appetite, we will know that they have taken the decision to not care about some risks, some data as much as others. When we provide managed security services such as managing a client’s firewalls, we make sure that the firewall is configured precisely to meet the client’s needs, as well as logging and performing risk assessments on each change request.

We work with our clients as an extended part of their team. Providing a second opinion when called upon to do assessments, and providing expertise when called upon to manage or fix. We work transparently so you as the client can see exactly what we’re providing for you and our reasoning behind any suggestions that we make. To build strong cyber incident identification and containment response processes – all necessary parts of the organisation have to be well drilled. As such we’ll take time to get to know who you are and how we can help, and at the same time you’ll be able to identify each of the Infosec Partners team responsible by name.

For our clients we act as the partner responsible for information and cyber security. It’s what we’ve built our reputation on. There are far too many managed security services offered by organisations that don’t actually know security – isn’t it time to work with an expert partner you can really trust?

The expertise behind companies you already trust

Not many people know that Infosec Partners is trusted by companies including IT Managed Service Providers (MSPs), Internet Service Providers (ISPs) and consultancies to provide cybersecurity expertise for their clients. Often this is to extend or enhance our Partner’s capabilities in cybersecurity, whilst for others we represent the sum total of their cybersecurity division. That some of these organisations are already large and very well respected means that we they must see the value in working with us.

Building your own cybersecurity offering can be expensive and time consuming

When I had responsibility for building international sales at a German firewall vendor, it was clear that we had just one unique selling point. The graphical user interface for administrators of our firewall meant that it was now easy to understand and configure firewall rules which were previously perceived to be complex. Anyone could do it and in conferences and client presentations I frequently got CFOs and other non technical people to demonstrate exactly this to prove the point.

However firewall management does not constitute a complete security strategy and given the pace of change in the security industry coupled with the well publicised scarcity of cybersecurity expertise, building an expert and proven cybersecurity offering is going to be both expensive and time consuming. This is especially so when you consider many branches of security technologies there are today as well as the vast progress being made by new sectors including deception technology and virtual hacking systems. Suddenly being able to partner with a great team that already has expertise in all the core security controls, expertise in advanced and emerging controls, and are able to do in-depth security consulting from risk assessment to forensics makes an awful lot of sense.

Some of our partners tell their clients that they work with Infosec Partners to provide trusted security services on top of the IT support and infrastructure managed services they offer. Clearly our longstanding reputation and proven experience adds some weight. Whilst other partners white-label our services and whenever we represent these organisations at meetings or on client-site, our team attend wearing a different hat/email address. However what isn’t lost in either of these situations is the integrity by which we perform our services and the depth of expertise we offer.

A global partner network

Infosec Partners are UK based but are expanding in more ways than one. With a satellite office in Germany (where you’ll normally find me) as well as a growing international partner network allowing us to drop and deploy in nearly every part of the world, full-spectrum security expertise and 24×7 SOC/Incidence Reponse is only a phone call away.

If you’re interested in becoming one of the growing number of Infosec Partners worldwide, or are looking to find out more about just why Infosec Partners would be an ideal investment opportunity, please contact me for more:

Francisco Ordillano

Commercial Director/Consulting Partner
Infosec Partners Group
Tel: +44 207 1934618

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