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24x7 Threat monitoring, analytics & Risk Correlation

What if you could extend your existing security controls to include Advanced Threat Protection without the headaches of justifying a large Capex outlay?

FortiSecured by Infosec Partners offers you just that. Combining Advanced Threat Management with Managed Cyber Incident Reponse and ongoing Security Education, FortiSecured defends your organisation from cyber threats and reduces the time to identify and contain an attack in the event of a security breach.

Technology is not enough

All companies that have suffered a high profile security incident through ransomware or cyber fraud had in place a firewall, antivirus protection and an IT department. It is clear that standard controls are not adequate to protect against these advanced threats. For businesses to be protected against advanced targeted attacks they must both employ enhanced controls, specifically designed to quickly identify and repel attacks, and also have expert resource on hand to monitor for incidents and to act as first responders and incident managers – to manage decision making and activities during a serious security incident.

FortiSecured by Infosec Partners is unique

It is the only fully integrated platform of security controls and expert resource available to businesses. The service
is specifically designed to both reduce the likelihood of any attack and also to minimise the impact of any successful intrusion.

Infosec Partners provides the expert resource to conduct training and awareness programs at multiple levels within the business, testing the responses and reactions to multiple types of attacks. Infosec Partners then manages and monitors the security platform and are contracted to manage the incident process in the event of an attack.
FortiSecured by Infosec Partners is designed to transform the clients’ existing next generation firewall and AV protection into a fully integrated and seamless advanced threat protection platform. Fortinet’s advanced controls around Sandbox / APT protection, email security, web security are integrated with endpoint software that protects all devices whether they are inside or outside of the corporate perimeter, which all then feed into Fortinet’s SIEM reducing the time to identify and contain attacks.

Infosec Partners are uniquely positioned to provide this service, being the first ever UK partner of excellence for Fortinet, experienced and certified to manage the entire range of security products along with holding multiple
government and industry certifications for information protection and incident investigation.

Contact us today to discover why we’re trusted by significant organisations and high profile individuals worldwide.

For more about FortiSecured Advanced Threat Protection by Infosec Partners visit or call us on +44 (0)1256 893 662

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