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Another Fortinet first for Infosec Partners

By July 28, 2021November 17th, 2022No Comments
1st global Fortinet expert for OT cyber security

We are very pleased to announce that Infosec Partners has recently been recognised globally as the first cyber security expert partner, formally certified by Fortinet, to secure OT environments.

This fantastic achievement demonstrates Infosec Partners’ advanced skills and ability to deploy, administer, manage and troubleshoot Fortinet OT security solutions.

As the world becomes increasingly connected, everything is becoming smarter, including cyber criminals. OT environments form a large part of national infrastructure, and with connected networks used widely across industries such as energy, healthcare, manufacturing, maritime, transport and agriculture, OT cyber security is a prime concern. 

Infosec Partners is committed to opposing modern cyber threats, working with organisations of all sizes to protect their networks from emerging cyber attacks.

As the first Fortinet UK Partner of Excellence, Infosec Partners leverage the Fortinet range of security products to develop powerful cohesive cyber security solutions for organisations requiring IT-OT convergence solutions.

Infosec Partners’  solid understanding of the Fortinet Security Fabric has given us the knowledge of how to design, implement, and operate and manage OT security solutions based on the following Fortinet products – FortiGate, FortiNAC, FortiAnalyzer, and FortiSIEM devices to secure OT infrastructures.

  • We understand the fundamentals of OT infrastructures
  • We can secure OT infrastructure using the Purdue model – Purdue Enterprise Reference Architecture (PERA)
  • Our team of experts can configure FortiGate and FortiNAC to identify and manage devices
  • Our trusted experts can implement segmentation and microsegmentation across OT networks and authenticate users
  • We can effectively secure your OT network traffic using a FortiGate device
  • We can implement FortiAnalyzer for logging and reporting
  • Protect OT environments using FortiSIEM to centralise security information and event management and generate and manage real-time analysis of security events using FortiSIEM

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