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Are Your Smart Home Devices Protected?

By October 4, 2018September 10th, 2020No Comments
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Cyber security should be something we’re all concerned about. It’s hard to live nowadays without being in the digital realm and there are a host of devices in our homes that are connected to the internet.

According to City AM more of us should be thinking about the cyber security of our smart home devices. The news provider shared research by Open-Xchange, which revealed that just 15 per cent of UK households use software or apps to protect their devices.

What’s more, 28 per cent of those who were questioned said that they had no intention of strengthening their security.

However, over three-quarters of those who were surveyed said that they wouldn’t buy any other smart devices if they were hit by a cyber attack.

And internet service providers could find that they end up suffering if homes are hit by cyber security breaches, with 85 per cent stating that they’d change service providers if they were to suffer a data breach.

Chief executive of Open-Xchange Rafael Laguna told the news provider that people need to start putting security ahead of convenience.

“Security features on smart devices are essentially non-existent, so it’s essential we treat them with the same level of caution that we do for our desktops,” he stated.

Another device we should be looking at when it comes to cyber security is our smartphone. We recently highlighted how easy it can be for professionals to crack the basic security measures on our phones.

If you need assistance with your cyber security readiness, for either your home or your business, contact us today.

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