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Cyber Security Careers with Infosec Partners

Infosec Partners is a company whose focus is on the provision of information security advice and bespoke technology services. With a dynamic and energetic team, we have been providing the full range of these services to a businesses and government organisations for many years, priding ourselves on the integrity, competence, skills and experience of our specialist cyber security staff. We are always on the look out for new talent, and are proud to offer a range of cyber security career oppoportunities.

Build your career with Infosec Partners

Whether just taking your first cyber steps or already an experienced security professional, Infosec Partners have the ideal environment to nurture your cyber security career. We are interested in hearing from those passionate about security and technology, and professionals with all levels of experience. We are always on the look out for individuals with the skills, attitude and drive to expand our team of cyber consultants and security associates. Get in touch for more information about cyber security careers or email us your CV.

Current Cyber Security Careers Opportunities

At Hampshire Headquarters

Why not follow our LinkedIn page where Infosec Partners careers information and business updates are regularly posted.

An ideal candidate should:

  1. Derive satisfaction from hard work and achievement
  2. Always be looking to learn new skills
  3. Take pride in your professionalism
  4. Be capable and willing to manage challenging projects independently
  5. And as a vital part of a team working in unison.
  6. Have the integrity to provide the right advice, irrespective of personal and commercial incentives


If you think you are a good fit for our business please email us your CV.

Careers in Cyber Security at Infosec Partners

Contact Us about Careers at Infosec Partners

Please leave a few contact details and one of our Trusted Advisors will get back to you. Or call us to speak with someone immediately:

+44 (0)203 892 4812

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