Press Release BLENDED THREATS REQUIRE MULTI LEVEL VECTOR SOLUTIONS – 360 MARITIME SECURITY TO ATTEND MYS2019 An amalgamation of three industry leaders, each with a wealth of knowledge in their respective fields for over 30 years, to present a multi-level

A New World of Infrastructure, Security Transformation

As organisations move away from point solution tool kits and towards a strategic mindset, the need to understand what your organisation’s future infrastructure might look like is more paramount than ever. Fundamental, rounded, and automated from the get-go rather than

Your employees could be your biggest cyber security threat

In a survey carried out earlier this year 45% of employees would be willing to sell information regarding their company, with 25% of employees willing to do this for as little as £1000. This information can include, but is not

NSA Issues BlueKeep Malware Warning For Microsoft Windows Users

The National Security Agency (NSA) in the US has issued a warning to those making use of Microsoft Windows to ensure that their systems are up to date so as to safeguard themselves against malware attacks and similar. Administrators are

One Third Of Businesses Suffer Cyber Attack

No business is immune to cyber attack threats these days, as many as one-third of businesses have suffered an online attack in the last year which, whilst a reduction from the 43% from the year before, is still a huge

Is It Time To Invest More In Employee Cyber Security Training?

Most businesses will invest their time and money into cyber security programmes and protection but one area that is often neglected, however, is that of your employee training. Research conducted by Microsoft recently highlighted the role that employees play in

Patch up your network with the help from a former hacktivist

Mike Jones used to belong to the internet hacktivist group Anonymous, now he is planning on touring the country to help provide information about where there are gaps in protection. This insight will help companies identify where they are going

Russia Hacks Off From Global Internet To Protect Against Cyber Threats

Russia is taking extreme action to protect itself against cyber attacks by temporarily disconnecting from the ‘global internet’. This comes as part of the government’s Digital Economy National Programme (DENP) and will take place on April 1st this year,

Don’t miss the boat! Cyber Security Should Be A Priority For Superyachts

If you have access to a superyacht, you will no doubt be more than familiar with taking care of your physical security. But have you thought about the cyber security of your vessel? Watched where you surfed lately? A recent

Why Employees Could Make Or Break Cyber Security Goals

Businesses of any size are under threat of a cyber breach at all times, particularly if they do not have professional and managed security services. However, whatever system they have in place, it is essential to get all members of

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