‘Antivirus is 51% effective’. This statement comes from an executive from Symantec interviewed by the New York Times. To cybersecurity professionals, this was not a big surprise: those in charge of keeping our networks safe were already acting under

Cyber Security Threats Of Drones Identified

New research by Ben-Gurion University (BGU) has highlighted the cyber security and privacy threats posed by drones that are flown over populated areas. Reporting on the findings, Smart Cities World noted that the report recommends additional safeguards are fitted to

Can you Hack it?

You wouldn’t buy a car and then give it to a monkey to look after so why spend all this money on amazing security technology just to have some Johnny big balls look after it without really knowing how. It

NHS Needs an ‘Improved Cyber Defence Programme’

More needs to be done to improve the cyber security readiness of the NHS to better protect patients. This is the opinion of Steve Tolan, head of practice and development at the Chartered Society of Physiotherapy, whose concern is that

How secure is your smartphone?

When the American Department of Justice in March of this year, announced that it no longer needed Apple to help them access data on an iPhone 5C belonging to someone responsible for a terrorist attack, there was much speculation surrounding who it was that provided the tools they needed to extract the data on the phone.

FortiSIEM. Security And Compliance Made Easy

FortiSIEM provides organizations with a comprehensive, holistic and scalable solution, from IoT to the Cloud, with patented analytics that are actionable to tightly manage network security, performance and compliance standards, all delivered through a single pane of glass view of the organization. Contact Infosec Partners, Fortinet’s first ever UK Partner of Excellence to find out more.

Is A.I. all ********?

The Hollywood A.I. (Artificial Intelligence) perception and fascination has continued to glamorise and terrify us into thinking the end of the human world is nigh at worst and we will all be out of a job at best. Ultron could

Security should be a central pillar

The CFO could now be called the CPO – Chief Protection Officer. Cybersecurity potentially puts a company’s finances and value at risk, challenges compliance and regulatory strategies, and increases the need for mature policies and practices that safeguard a company’s data and overall security. A CFO as a strategic business and risk management executive should have significant oversight and guidance in these areas. They are no longer “IT only” considerations.

Cyber Security: The Need for Speed

Do you like your detection and remediation as fast as your race cars? Join Infosec and SentinelOne at Mercedes world on the 12th July. Morning security briefings, a spot of lunch and then onto the track to rag the the

MSSP & On Demand C(yber)AAS

What is a Managed Security Services Provider? Gartner defines Managed Security Services (MSS) as: “The remote monitoring or management of IT security functions delivered via shared services from remote security operations centers (SOCs), not through personnel on-site.” Core managed security

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