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Cyber Security Consulting with advice that resonates

Infosec Partners, a trusted advisor to major global organisations, provides full-spectrum information security expertise, cyber security consultancy services, and managed security services to some of the world’s largest and most sensitive businesses, as well as high-profile individuals and families.

Working from a client’s organisational risk standpoint and taking a trusted independent advisor approach for all enquiries and referrals, Infosec Partners consult with business leaders and technicians alike to provide them with effective strategies and advice they need in language that resonates.

With the growing threat of cyber attacks and data breaches, it is critical to ensure that your company has the proper cyber defense in place to reduce the risk of becoming a target.

Our team of cyber security consultancy experts provide a range of services to assist your organisation in measuring, managing and controlling cyber risk.


Implementing effective cyber security requires closing each critical gap;
from risk to response.

The gap in an organisation’s ability to manage the pace of change is one problem, but the dangers of not doing so are more serious than ever before. Infosec Partners can expertly fill any cyber security skills gaps you may have in your organisation, and help you discover and mitigate any gaps in your defences with our extensive cyber security consulting expertise.

Have any questions about cyber security?

We offer a range of cyber security consultancy packages and solutions to help organisations protect themselves against cyber attacks. Our experts will provide advice on how to secure your business and data against cyber threats.

“The message that cyber risk is a real threat to businesses of all sizes is sinking in. Companies are increasingly aware of the risks and pouring more resources into cyber protection, and yet, there is still a tremendous gap between awareness of the issue and actually having an effective defense. Many believe that increasing cyber-related spending fully protects a business, but it isn’t enough. Businesses must take a holistic approach, ensuring they can properly maximize their investment with appropriate internal protocols, staffing, and employee training, ultimately creating a human firewall as the first line of defense.”
Meghan Hannes, Cyber Product Head, Hiscox

Cyber Security Consultancy
and Advisory Services

Crown Jewels Assessment and Analysis


Protect the most valuable data at the heart of your organisation, your crown jewels. In an age of persistent targeted cyber attacks, a company’s crown jewels have never been more vulnerable. Working with you we identify your most valuable assets in order to prioritise your security efforts and investment.

Cyber Security Consultancy Services - DIGITAL TRANSFORMATION


Significant business changes typically involve risk. From mergers and acquisitions, through to product and market expansion, cybersecurity must be a key part of the due diligence process. Infosec Partners help organisations to get the most from business transformation by evaluating cyber risks in advance.

Cyber Security Consulting - Securing IOT


The things we wear, touch or utilise are becoming integrated into the fabric of everyday life, however the explosion of IoT devices leaves us exposed to cyber threats. We work with you to secure your connected devices and networks within both your business and your smart home.

Cyber Security Consulting - Cyber Incident Response Planning


When discovering and responding to an incident, any delay will be costly. We work with clients to reduce the cost and impact of a cyber attack. An effective Incident Cyber Response Plan aids the discovery of an incident, determining its source and extent, and enables a speedy and efficient response, mitigating the impact as quickly as possible.

Emergency Response Cyber Breach

Emergency Cyber Incident Response

Have you been breached? Even if you haven’t engaged with Infosec Partners before we can still assist regardless whether you or existing service provider have already tried to fix it. Any incident that is not properly contained and handled will escalate into a bigger problem and ultimately lead to a damaging data breach, large expense or system collapse.

Cyber Security Ransomware Protection Consulting


Ransomware is malicious software designed to block access to a computer system, files or system functions until a ransom is paid by the victim. It is spread by email, through compromised websites and blended attacks. Don’t be held to ransom. Infosec Partners offer effective protection from ransomware through a combination of expert cyber security services.

Industry Showcase

The numerous advantages of today’s connected world comes with a price: Cyber attacks now carry a far more serious threat – a threat that now affects our lives and not just data. Comprehensive security mechanisms and a security oriented mindset throughout the entire business operation is essential to avert and control the risks.


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