Businesses in the UK each faced 686,961 attempts on average to breach their systems online in 2020, this equates to an attempted attack every 46 seconds, making Information security a top concern for businesses of all sizes. 

Cyber security now needs to sit at the top of an organisation’s business strategy, and the role of a Chief Information Security Officer (CISO) is vital if cyber security is going to be taken seriously.


A CISO aims to make cybersecurity business-relevant to the top management of the business. As the senior executive responsible for security and compliance, their role extends beyond the expertise of operational IT managers. They work to establish and maintain the enterprise vision, strategy, and programmes to ensure information assets and technologies are adequately protected from both internal and external threats. However, as the scale, sophistication and seriousness of cyber threats has evolved over recent years, so too has the role of the CISO as they ensure cyber security is given a seat in the boardroom , ensuring its part of strategic conversations and priorities.


As the trusted security advisor, the CISO is responsible for the design and implementation of a robust security strategy encompassing all end to end security operations: 

  • Stakeholder liaison and engagement at a senior level
  • Securing the necessary funding and resources
  • Evaluating the threat landscape
  • Defining security objectives and metrics
  • Identifying and monitoring all information security risks
  • Devising policies and controls to reduce risk
  • Conducting testing and digital forensic investigations
  • Leading all auditing activities
  • Implementing employee security awareness training
  • Choosing and purchasing security products from vendors
  • Ensuring Compliance with all necessary legislation 
  • Ensuring company wide adherence to security practices
  • Defining and managing disaster recovery and business continuity in the event of a breach
  • Managing the Computer Security Incident Response Team


The cyber security skills shortage is one of the biggest challenges facing business leaders today.  With the increase in cyber crime, and as businesses continue to invest in technology to support business growth and remote working, there’s never been a greater demand for CISO skills.  

CISOs tend to have a strong balance of business acumen and technology knowledge, coupled with recognised information security certifications.  However the CISO is no longer just to protect against threats and manage risk; they are now expected to play a crucial role in managing brand perception, employee engagement and the strategic adoption of new technologies.

As a result CISOs receive the third-highest average salary in the UK, their work is notoriously demanding, and their diverse skill sets are hard to find. Organisations that are serious about security often face the challenge of finding and retaining a CISO.

According to IDG’s 2020 Security Priorities Study, 61% of surveyed companies do have a CISO (rising to 85% for large global organisations), and those without a CISO were more likely to say their security strategy was insufficiently proactive.

A Ponemon Institute study found that the appointment of a CISO reduced the cost of a breach by £5 per record. Given that a breach is a matter of when, not if, organisations that hire a CISO are protecting both their critical assets, cash flow and their reputation.


Given the challenges with recruiting and retaining individuals with such diverse and in-demand skill sets, businesses are now benefiting from a more flexible approach to securing CISO expertise. 

The emergence of “Virtual” or “Fractional” CISOs by way of the CISO-as-a-Service (CISOaaS) model provides businesses with a cost effective and flexible way to add leadership, value and commitment to their information security.

The model is suitable when:

  • Your business is not large enough justify a full time CISO
  • You are having trouble recruiting a suitable individual
  • You have an internal skills gap
  • You are leveraging emerging technologies and you require project based expertise
  • You require expertise to scope and develop the role and strategy 
  • You simply need some extra short term/interim support in your leadership team


Our flexible and comprehensive CISOaaS model provides cost effective cyber security expertise, enabling your business to access business acumen, strategic security experience and valuable technical skills:

  • Provides a cost-effective way of accessing strategic senior security experience and technical skills without the cap-ex costs
  • Offers an affordable method of proactively maintaining information your security systems and managing risk
  • Provides the ability to access resources quickly
  • Extends your organisation’s information security capabilities
  • Lowers your costs as you only pay for the support required
  • Ensures an ongoing security presence, meaning risks and incidents and business losses are reduced 
  • Leaves you free to focus on your core business objectives


If your business wants to get serious about cyber security, employing a CISO is a must. Get in touch with the experts at Infosec Partners to discuss how our CISOaaS can benefit your business.


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