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Cyber Security for Connected Cars

As the world becomes increasingly connected, everything is becoming smarter and this now includes automobiles. Reliable connectivity helps make telematics, navigation, weather, traffic and parking information, data analytics, enhanced entertainment and communication systems possible and allows for time spent inside a vehicle to be more productive. Autonomous vehicles are disrupting the automobile market, with updates and patches happening weekly to keep systems running and updated. However, all this increased connectivity presents significant challenges for car manufacturers to make vehicles that are not only reliable, desirable but more importantly safe and secure. Car manufacturers need to address cyber security for connected cars from the start at design stage, rather than patching extremely dangerous security issues as they arise.

Our trusted team of cyber security specialists can help identify possible threats to brand reputation, set achievable targets, test the strength of systems and implement cost-effective security solutions.

As an increasing amount of cars become connected and autonomous, the risk and potential impact of a cyber-attack is ever increasing. Hackers have the potential to compromise a large number of vehicles with a single targeted attack. One of the biggest threats is the risk of hackers gaining control of vehicles and causing accidents or even bringing entire cities to a standstill.

“Infosec Partners provide a holistic approach to connected cars and their cyber security,  that includes penetration testing, detailed threat modelling and cyber security risk assessments. We provide a number of tailored services to car manufacturers, private individuals, enterprise fleet managers, law enforcement, insurance companies and their underwriters.”
Mark Oakton
Security Director, Infosec Partners

Infosec Partners connected car cybersecurity services include:

System Design Architecture Testing & Review

Our system design reviews are key to identifying weaknesses earlier in the design stage and avoids the cost of expensive upgrades and resulting vehicle recalls. This service includes attack surface analysis and comprehensive system design and architecture reviews.

Asset Protection

We help define what you need protecting, whether it is safety critical systems, intellectual property or drivers’ personal information. Through our industry-wide market intelligence we help you set the right cybersecurity targets for your brand.

Threat Modelling

We help to give you a better understanding of your security requirements with a detailed list of threats and weaknesses. We identify which areas of your system architecture an attacker will target, the methods they use, their motivations, the likelihood of attack and the potential impact it can have on your brand reputation and business.

Risk Mitigation

We provide extensive risk mitigation advice based on the risks identified at the threat modelling stage and give employees attack surface reduction training.

Penetration Testing & Security Assessment

We provide a series of advanced penetration tests to helps identify any further weaknesses in your systems. By simulating real world threats, we provide a clear and realistic picture of your systems’ resilience to attack.

Cyber Incident Response

Our first responders use their practical hands-on experience to response situations, to help clients better prepare for cyber security incidents In the event of a security breach. We help ensure you are prepared with a comprehensive plan to protect your brand reputation, minimise any damage and correct the weaknesses.

A comprehensive understanding of cybersecurity for connected vehicles helps manufacturers assure their customers and achieve optimal security for their vehicles.

For vehicle owners and fleet managers we can also provide an annual digital MOT testing service that is designed to guard against technology degradation and to validate software and any updates, as well as testing the overall cyber security of the vehicle. Vehicles that pass the digital MOT will be issued a certificate of compliance.

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Connected Cars Cyber Security


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