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BYOD (Bring Your Own Device) has become the norm and with ever-increasing use by students, faculty, and administrators, educational organisations need to scale bandwidth and provide secure access. Sensitive information must be secured and compliance standards protecting the sensitive information of both staff and students must be met, such as DPA, KCSIE, Prevent etc. Infosec Partners has expertise in developing, implementing and managing BYOD security solutions within the education sector.

BYOD Security Solutions

BYOD can increase student and teacher collaboration, extend learning beyond the traditional classroom walls and cut costs. However, despite its benefits, BYOD also presents challenges which many organisations still haven’t come to grips with and the biggest of all is security.

As schools continue to adopt BYOD, security must be a key pillar in the planning and implementation process. The volume and variety of mobile devices brought onto the school network will only continue to increase. Security is critical to ensure the safe and effective benefits of BYOD.

Identity-based Access Management

By defining users by role such as faculty, staff, student or guest, or by more granular characteristics like individual user, class, and location, schools can enhance the user experience for students and staff while ensuring security through identity-based policies for web and network access.

Bandwidth management and QoS

Given most users carry more than one Internet connected device (often including a laptop, smartphone and tablet), bandwidth consumption can easily quadruple with a BYOD. Combine this with the fact that more critical services are moving to the cloud such as online testing, attendance and payroll, effective management of bandwidth can be critical for operational continuity.

Protect against Cyber threats

Mobile devices are particularly high-risk as they can be compromised when brought outside a school’s defences. Attackers recognise it is often easier to compromise a user’s mobile device to steal data stored on them or gain access through them, than it is to try to breach these services from a data centre. Allowing a mobile device onto the network that is infected with malware could lead to a damaging security breach.


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    Educational institutions face a myriad of IT and cybersecurity challenges, such as BYOD, and typically must solve them with limited budgets.

    While it’s key for educational institutions to have the latest security and networking technologies, limited budgets can make it seem impossible to purchase and then find the resources to manage them.

    Infosec Partners helps schools optimise their BYOD security solutions implementations and provide comprehensive security expertise to meet all challenges.

    Security Managed

    • Proven security expertise.
      Trusted by significant organisations worldwide and recognised as a partner of excellence by leading security vendors because of our proven know-how and expertise in cybersecurity.
    • Optimise budget.
      Whilst resellers will simply try and sell you another expensive appliance, we’ll only identify solutions that you really need and provide justification through risk modelling.
    • Clear return on security investment.
      Evaluate the effectiveness of your existing and planned solutions, against your investment. Devise a strategy to achieve the security you need at a budget aligned with your risk profile.
    • We focus on your security.
      We are technology and vendor agnostic and will always recommend the best solution set to clients. We will transparently explain our recommendations and align with your organisations’ needs.
    • Any device secured.
      Our engineers are certified and experienced to be able to integrate, secure, optimise and support any security device by any vendor.
    • Identify your Critical Assets.
      A Crown Jewel Assessment helps you identify your critical and high-value assets. Are you adequately protecting these assets?
    • Define your Risk Profile.
      A Cyber security Risk Assessment identifies the top risks your school faces and establishes how much risk you would deem acceptable.
    • Identify Gaps in your Security.
      Are you currently exposed? How easy would it really be for an attacker to break through your defences? Penetration testing pin points the areas that need strengthening.
    • Meet compliance requirements.
      Achieve compliance with the UK Data Protection Act, GDPR, KCSIE, the Prevent Duty, as well as passing inspections by Ofsted and ISI. Achieve certification with PCIDSS, ISO27001, ISO22301 and Cyber Essentials.

    Infosec Partners has helped education establishments, from the most prestigious independent schools & colleges to the country’s top universities, to successfully develop robust BYOD security solutions and strategies and manage Safeguarding.

    Listening to Heads and Bursars, Teachers, Students and Parents, we designed a portfolio of cybersecurity services specifically for schools. Infosec Partners helps schools understand the new threats facing them and teaches them how to take control of information and security, staying compliant, managing budgets and risks.


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