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Infosec Partners are perhaps one of only a few managed security service providers to deliver full-spectrum security solutions, whilst supporting any-vendor any-device, in the education sector. In our assurance and major incident remediation work we are frequently called upon to integrate security technologies from different vendors. We often encounter new clients that have a huge range of technologies, some good and some not so good, and it is common to see clients with a mix of many different ‘best of breed’ vendors all loosely knitted together with many gaps and overlaps. This is often the result of a patchwork approach to cybersecurity and additions of new security devices added over time and as each new need is discovered.

Optimise your cybersecurity investment

From a budgetary perspective most organisations can’t just rip-out and replace, but having your entire security architecture in-tune is critical for security. Any gaps in your defences are likely to result in a breach with the potential to be catastrophic to your organisation. Problems arise when security devices are added without an holistic full-spectrum security strategy – when technology is installed quickly without any real optimisation or integration with other security solutions.

Unfortunately with new clients we frequently see many security functions either badly implemented or not turned on. In many cases it makes sense to fix and optimise and with our Any Device Secured capability, we’ll make sure that the cybersecurity that you’ve invested in is optimised as long as it still fits your needs.

Enhance and extend your cybersecurity

Another option is to extend your existing security architecture by connecting to Infosec Partners’ FortiSecured Advanced Threat Protection. This provides you with the scalability to grow your security along with you needs and manage budget more effectively by reducing capex overhead.


Interested in managed security for education?

Proactive Security with clear ROI

Our managed security clients frequently comment that they appreciate our quality of service, proactiveness and reporting. Whilst many other so-called MSSPs offer cheap service contracts, we have found most – even the bigger names – to either be unskilled in security (perhaps limited to firstline support for a specific product) or lacking in proactiveness and service delivery.

With special rates for Education, managed security by Infosec Partners will provide you proven peace of mind and you’ll quickly realise a strong return on your security investment.

What’s your security ROI?

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    Infosec Partners has helped education establishments, from the most prestigious independent schools & colleges to the country’s top universities, to successfully develop robust security strategies and manage Safeguarding.

    Listening to Heads and Bursars, Teachers, Students and Parents, we designed a portfolio of cybersecurity services specifically for schools. Infosec Partners helps schools understand the new threats facing them and teaches them how to take control of information and security, staying compliant, managing budgets and risks.


    Managed Security benefits:

    • Proven security expertise.
      Trusted by significant organisations worldwide and recognised as a partner of excellence by leading security vendors because of our proven know-how and expertise in cybersecurity.
    • Optimise budget.
      Whilst resellers will simply try and sell you another expensive appliance, we’ll only identify solutions that you really need and provide justification through risk modelling.
    • Clear return on security investment.
      Evaluate the effectiveness of your existing and planned solutions, against your investment. Devise a strategy to achieve the security you need at a budget aligned with your risk profile.
    • We focus on your security.
      We are technology and vendor agnostic and will always recommend the best solution set to clients. We will transparently explain our recommendations and align with your organisations’ needs.
    • Any device secured.
      Our engineers are certified and experienced to be able to integrate, secure, optimise and support any security device by any vendor.
    • Identify your Critical Assets.
      A Crown Jewel Assessment helps you identify your critical and high-value assets. Are you adequately protecting these assets?
    • Define your Risk Profile.
      A Cyber Security Risk Assessment identifies the top risks your school faces and establishes how much risk you would deem acceptable.
      Identify Gaps in your Security.
    • Are you currently exposed?
      How easy would it really be for an attacker to break through your defences? Penetration testing pin points the areas that need strengthening.
    • Meet compliance requirements.
      Achieve compliance with the UK Data Protection Act, GDPR, KCSIE, the Prevent Duty, as well as passing inspections by Ofsted and ISI. Achieve certification with PCIDSS, ISO27001, ISO22301 and Cyber Essentials.
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