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Cyber Security & Reputation Protection

Secure and protect your reputation

Reputation protection is fast becoming a defining factor to businesses and education establishments.  From competitive state run schools to exclusive globally known independents and universities, how can education establishments protect their hard earned reputation from the potentially catastrophic impact of a cyber attack and exposure of sensitive information? Learn how Infosec Partners can protect your reputation today!

Competition and Funding

Each year sees an ever increasing competition between schools to attract the best students. Schools with the better reputation, grades and learning facilities always attract the better funding. A security breach could have critical impact on a schools reputation.

Independent schools looking after children of high net worth individuals and people of influence also face the added threat that data on these children may be targeted by those looking for leverage.

Under the Data Protection Act schools are their own data controllers and are responsible for complying with the eight principles of the act outlining the appropriate usage, storage and protection of data. As a recent example of an independent school in west London will show, there are significant repercussions for a schools’ failure to comply with the act.

Safeguarding Sensitive Information

Modern networks must be resistant to modern threats. Bursars, shareholders and IT staff should be worried about network security, such as the separation of curriculum networks from administrative networks.

The loss of sensitive data belonging to children and their families, as well as school financial data, interim unpublished results of inspections, HR issues with existing or past staff etc. may have a catastrophic impact for the individuals and school alike, with legal ramifications for failure to comply with the data protection act.

Cybersecurity enhances reputation protection in Education

Cyber and information security protection for schools can be achieved with good security architecture and well integrated security solutions, and with expert support and guidance from a dedicated security partner.

Contact Infosec Partners today for trusted security advice and enhance the brand, prestige and reputation protection of your school.

Free Reputation Protection Consultation

FREE Reputation Protection CONSULTATION

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    Infosec Partners has helped education establishments, from the most prestigious independent schools & colleges to the country’s top universities, to successfully develop robust security strategies for reputation protection.

    Listening to Heads and Bursars, Teachers, Students and Parents, we designed a portfolio of cybersecurity services specifically for schools. Infosec Partners helps schools understand the new threats facing them and teaches them how to take control of information and security, staying compliant, managing budgets and risks.


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