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Secure and Optimised WiFi

Wireless Security in Schools is a Top Concern

From a security perspective, it is worrying to find that many schools still operate with open WiFi networks. The concept is that it is too demanding on IT staff to manage each and every device. Unfortunately this leaves the school open to attack from anyone in the nearby vicinity that can pick up the signal. If not enough effort was spent on securing the wireless perimeter, imagine how tempting it would be to test the rest of the schools cyber defences. Government guidance has been issued regarding wireless security in schools and education establishments, find out what standards your school or college should meet on wireless network performance, coverage, management and security. Infosec Partners can help you follow this guidance.

Secure Access Architecture

The number and types of network-connected wireless devices continues to grow unabated. BYOD (Bring Your Own Device) has become the norm, and school and campus networks have moved beyond just connecting laptops, smartphones, and tablets now that IoT (Internet of Things) technology is adding more and more types of internet connected device. Each of these are potential points of entry and exit for an attacker.

Securing communications, personal information, financial transactions, and mobile devices involves much more than network access control. Wireless security in schools requires scanning for malware, preventing access to malicious websites, BYOD support, and controlling application usage. Typical WiFi solutions do not satisfy these requirements and so a Secure Access Solution is required that addresses the shortcomings of other Wi-Fi offerings, providing the most flexible security platform with end-to-end protection.

Enhance and extend your cybersecurity

On top of this unprecedented growth, users expect a more unified access experience — one that ensures consistent application and device policies across both wired and wireless environments, and across multiple
devices per user. The growing sophistication of cyber attacks is exposing the vulnerabilities in traditional flat networks. The new strategy needed to protect against sophisticated attacks is to add multiple layers of defence, including explicit internal segmentation, to break or mitigate the chain of infection.

Optimise your channel planning

Campus networks require WLAN solutions that scale well for high-density deployment and are easy to manage and integrate within an existing network security framework.

WiFi has evolved beyond a best-efforts network to a utility where new applications, devices, and “things” mandate an always-on wireless infrastructure.Simplify deployment and scaling


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