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  • Traditional Web Filter Solutions Are Not Enough for Education Establishments
  • Updated Legislation and Standards means Tougher Controls
  • Active Monitoring and Behaviour Tracking required
  • Increase Security and Enable Education Compliance with the XFilter Web Filter Solution


Traditional web filter solutions are point-in-time comparisons to a categorised list of websites. Whilst this prevents users in education establishments from seeing inappropriate material, they ignore the bigger threat of internal hacking or theft of personal information.

The Prevent Duty and Online Safety

The Counter-Terrorism and Security Act, passed in 2015, contains a duty (known as the Prevent duty) which means that schools, childcare providers and further education establishments, along with prisons, local authorities and NHS trusts, are under a legal obligation to “have due regard to the need to prevent people from being drawn into terrorism”, with teachers and staff responsible for identifying signs that children might be vulnerable to radicalisation.

Going Beyond Blocking & Filtering

Schools and other education establishments have been predominantly focused on filtering website content and blocking website categories in an attempt to satisfy duty of care requirements around online safety and cyber bullying. However the Keeping Children Safe in Education guideline (KCSIE) which was updated in September 2016, actually warns of the risk of over-blocking leading to “unreasonable restrictions as to what children can be taught with regards to online teaching and safeguarding.”

With the enhanced auditing requirements needed to meet KCSIE and the Prevent Duty, schools now have to look much deeper into internet and social media traffic to identify potential children at risk.

XFilter web filtering solutions by Infosec Partners allow you to move beyond simple blocking and filtering to provide increased security, enable compliance and enhance your Safeguarding abilities.


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    XFilter Web Filter Solutions

    Benefits for the Education Sector

    • Improve security by blocking access to malicious and risky websites.
    • Prevent malware downloads from malicious or hacked websites.
    • Keep your defence current with automatic intelligence tools, targeted threat analysis, and continuous updates.
    • Control access through policy-based controls with highly granular blocking and filtering.
    • Lowers your entry and maintenance costs through device-based licensing
    • An ‘anti-stalking’ component that performs checks to see if the user is being targeted online.
    • Retrospective alerting if users visit sites that are allowed but that site then proves to be compromised soon after, users may be compromised.
    • Xfilter provides advanced correlation of visits and users historical data not just point in time.
    • Protect from sensitive information leaking onto the internet (data leak prevention) Flexible network, device and user based protection.
    • Customise your implementation with the flexibility of both push and pull update options.
    • Meet compliance requirements for KCSIE, Prevent, CIPA, BECTA.

    Infosec Partners has helped education establishments, from the most prestigious independent schools & colleges to the country’s top universities, to successfully develop robust security strategies and manage Safeguarding.

    Listening to Heads and Bursars, Teachers, Students and Parents, we designed a portfolio of cybersecurity services specifically for schools. Infosec Partners helps schools understand the new threats facing them and teaches them how to take control of information and security, staying compliant, managing budgets and risks.


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