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Maritime accounts for the movement of 90% of world trade, making it an attractive target for cyber attackers. Cyber-attacks against port operators and both maritime and shipping organisations have been rapidly increasing. Over the last 3 years, cyber-attacks on the maritime industry’s operational technology (OT) systems have increased by 900%, and with an increase in smart technology within the sector, this trend will only continue.

  • Cyber security assessments:
    We fully assess the cyber security of your maritime and shipping systems, assets, technology, and staff
  • Cyber Compliance:
    We help ensure that your cyber security plans meet the IMO guidelines
  • Be prepared:
    from testing to monitoring to incident response, we provide a full spectrum of consultancy services and managed security solutions to keep your fleet cyber secure
    Staff training and awareness:
    Will encourage a secure cyber culture within your business for both land-based and offshore staff

Cyber-Resilience within the Shipping and Maritime Industry

With maritime and shipping businesses embracing digitalisation and automation, and the adoption of smart, cutting-edge operational technology (OT), the threat landscape has changed significantly, and the potential for security compromises has been vastly extended.

Cyber criminals are using increasingly sophisticated tactics, making it inevitable that cyber attacks against OT on ships and offshore facilities will become normal occurrences, rather than exceptions. Such attacks are typically high impact, causing massive disruption to business operations, cargo, staff safety and business reputation, with the cost potentially running into millions of Pounds.

Reducing Cyber Risks within the Maritime & Offshore Sector

Securing OT and the complex networks and connected environments across fleets and offshore organisations is critical for cyber resilience. However, a 2020 Safety at Sea and BIMCO Maritime Cyber Security survey reported that despite the majority of respondents viewing cyber-attacks as a high/medium risk, few appeared to be prepared for attacks.

The barriers to improving cyber security are the very things that leave maritime and offshore businesses wide open to attack, mainly a combination of technology, people and processes:

  • Lack of understanding and visibility into OT networks
  • Lack of real-time monitoring across networks
  • Use of unsecured wireless networks
  • Poor physical security controls
  • Lack of cyber security awareness among the crew, employees, and contractors

Our consultancy services and managed security solutions help maritime and shipping organisations overcome the cyber security challenges within the sector.

We take a Threat Led Approach with Comprehensive Cyber Risk Assessments

The first step is to audit your cyber risk and here at Infosec Partners, we offer a number of comprehensive cyber security assessments.
Our Cyber Security Risk Assessment observes and assesses all systems and processes to provide a detailed analysis and summary of findings, highlighting any security weaknesses across:

  • IT and OT systems on-board across the fleet and business operations
  • IoT (Internet of Things) technology
  • Wifi networks
  • Wifi and network-enabled devices
  • Physical access points, controls and camera systems
  • Cybersecurity awareness among crew, employees, and contractors

Our Cyber Attack Readiness Assessment is a thorough assessment that enables maritime and shipping organisations to understand how prepared they are to protect against, respond to, and recover from a cyber attack.

Cyber Consultancy to Help you to Plan For and React to Cyber Attacks

Following the risk assessment findings, our consultants will create bespoke plans to build a comprehensive cyber security strategy.

Having an effective and robust Cyber Incident Response (CIR) plan in place helps marine and offshore organisations prepare for attacks, enabling them to quickly and effectively respond should a threat arise, minimising any damage to assets, processes, staff, reputation and profitability.

In the event of a breach, we also provide an emergency response service to contain threats, collect evidence, restore processes and systems, and provide management direction.

We ensure you meet IMO cyber security guidelines

The International Maritime Organization (IMO) has issued guidance on maritime cyber risk management. Business owners must ensure that their assets, IT systems and data, processes and operational technology are protected from cyber threats.

Our maritime cyber consultants have extensive experience across all areas of cyber security including IT/OT architecture, technical security controls, assurance/penetration testing and cyber event preparation. We work with maritime and offshore organisations to ensure that an effective and robust cyber risk strategy is in place that satisfies the IMO guidelines whilst safeguarding from current and emerging cyber threats and vulnerabilities.

Cyber Security Awareness Training for Both Offshore and Land Based Staff

A lack of employee cyber understanding is a big issue within the maritime and offshore industries and many attacks could be avoided by improving staff awareness.

Our bespoke in depth maritime cyber security awareness training programmes cover relevant and current cyber considerations including; risk management, a framework for certification, technical controls for networks, testing and assessment of IT/OT systems.

Professional Managed Services for Maritime Cyber Security

As well as providing an integrated fabric of controls that provide advanced protection, we offer a comprehensive suite of managed security services for the marine and offshore market.

Whether you’re looking for a complete managed security service or an on-call expert advisor, we offer a wide range of managed security services to complement your internal team or as your primary outsourced partner.

We provide maritime businesses with an enterprise grade threat detection and managed cyber incident response service at a fraction of the price of a dedicated in-house Security Operations Centre.

Our monitoring service provides 24/7 security surveillance and threat analytics. Working closely with both offshore and land based management, every factor of your operation is considered including schedules, personnel and the integration of IT & OT systems.

Our security and penetration testing services work to identify and close any security gaps. Pen test reports summarise the potential impacts and business consequences of exploitation of any discovered vulnerabilities, and we recommend cost effective strategies to mitigate identified risks.

Our Cyber Incident Response Service can be instantly called upon should an incident arise. Our first responders provide cyber forensics and crisis management along with technical response and remediation decisions, including containment and identification of the root cause.

Expert advice from our team of professional cyber security experts

As trusted experts in cybersecurity, Infosec Partners have a proven track record in helping maritime and shipping organisations become cyber safe:

  • Highly skilled and experienced security analysts and threat intelligence personnel
  • Our global managed security services have achieved ISO 27001 certification
  • Established and trusted with 15+ years experience implementing mission-critical data security, risk, and compliance programs
  • Technology and vendor agnostic and we will always recommend the best solution for you
  • One of the few managed security service providers to deliver full-spectrum security whilst supporting any-vendor any-device

Maritime Cyber Baseline Certification Scheme

The Maritime Cyber Baseline scheme aims to put vessel owners and operators on the path to compliance in accordance with the IMO Maritime Cyber Risk Management guidelines.

The Maritime Cyber Baseline has been developed by maritime cyber security experts at Infosec Partners in conjunction with IASME, the UKs leading information assurance organisation.

Maritime Cyber Baseline

Infosec Partners Expert Superyacht Cyber Security


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