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Securing Operational Technology

As a result of digital transformation, operational technology (OT), typically via smart /connected devices, is now widely used to manage, monitor and control industrial operations and processes across critical infrastructure and industries including power, energy, utilities, logistics, maritime, transportation, manufacturing and healthcare. However, OT environments have a different set of security requirements and challenges compared to IT environments.

Operational technology (OT) cyber security solutions

OT Environments Face Significant Cyber Security Threats

The lines between IT and OT are often blurred as the two converge, however, OT systems interacting and integrating with IT systems brings increased risks. Connecting OT devices to the internet via an IT network immediately exposes the OT network and all connected OT devices to outside threats, making the entire infrastructure vulnerable to attacks, impacting on safety, reliability and system availability.

Historically cyber criminals have focused on stealing data, however they are now also targeting OT networks because they recognise this is where there may be security vulnerabilities, plus they’ve identified the potential for huge disruption.

Cyber risks take on a whole new scale when you consider the potential consequences of attacks on critical infrastructure that if breached could result in dire consequences, even loss of life. Emergency services, water treatment plants, traffic management, and other critical infrastructure all rely on OT solutions to operate.

As cyber criminals are developing more sophisticated and destructive attacks targeting OT,
a robust multi-layered OT cyber security strategy is required to protect the most important assets whilst ensuring that operations can continue in a safe and continuous way.

Complex OT Environments Require Expert Cyber Security Solutions

With the growing OT-IT needs of organisations, coupled with the increasing complexity of the cyber security landscape, market leading solutions implemented and managed by cyber experts are required to enable businesses to operate efficiently, safely and securely.

As a Fortinet UK Partner of Excellence and the UK’s first and only certified expert level dedicated Fortinet MSSP partner, we leverage the Fortinet range of security products to develop powerful cohesive cyber security solutions for organisations embracing IoT opportunities.

Our team of cyber security experts help clients to manage operational risks and maintain reliability against cyber threats. We have recently been recognised globally as the first expert partner, formally certified by Fortinet, to secure OT environments, demonstrating our advanced skills and ability to deploy, administer and troubleshoot OT cyber security solutions.

OT Cyber security specialists


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