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Don’t be held to ransom

How safe are you from ransomware? Our consultants can advise you

Ransomware attacks are on the increase, and they’re wreaking havoc on everything from healthcare, financial institutions, higher education to government institutions. Attacks have increased by 148 percent as a result of the covid-19 pandemic and the increase in remote working. Ransomware is currently the most popular money-making scheme employed by cyber-criminals, the rise of ransomware has been astonishing. In 2020, there were 304 million ransomware attacks globally . This was a 62 percent rise over the previous year and the second highest level since 2016. (Statista). Our experienced ransomware consultants can advise you on responding to an attack.

The cost of Ransomware to Business

  • In 2021, a mid-sized company’s average ransomware payment was $170,000 and the average cost of recovery from a ransomware attack was $1.85 million. (Sophos, 2021)
  • In 2020 the average ransomware attack caused 15 days of downtime
  • According to Cybercrime Magazine By 2031, ransomware will have attacked a business, customer, or gadget every 2 seconds
  • Infosec Partners cyber security consultants are best placed to advise you on how to protect your organisation from an attack

Quick facts from our ransomware consultants

Ransomware is a type of malicious software designed to block access to a computer system, files or system functions until a sum of money (the ransom) is paid by the victim.

Ransomware is spread by Email (spam, phishing), through compromised websites and other malware (blended attacks).

The average time it takes for ransomware to start encrypting files within your computer system is three seconds. (Commodo, 2020)

Effective protection from ransomware requires a combination of next generation antivirus, an advanced threat protection platform, effective security awareness and a well rehearsed cyber incident response plan (CIRP) .

Our security consultants can work with you to strengthen your security posture against ransomware attacks.

Our ransomware consultants can help if you have been hit by a ransomware attack

Infosec Partners’ cyber incident and emergency response team can help. Our ransomware consultants will make sure the threat is identified, contained and eradicated quickly to minimise any impact to you, your business and customers. Our forensics experts can help identify the cause of the attack, allowing you to identify any security vulnerabilities. We can then help you stay protected against future ransomware attacks, and make sure you have an effective programme of prevention, prediction, identification and recovery.

How safe are you from ransomware? Our consultants can advise.


Traditional Antivirus is not enough! Contact Infosec Partners today for trusted advice on protecting against and recovering from ransomware.

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