Independent 3rd-Party Security Testing Services

Organisations today must ensure that they are not under the delusion of security, and instead gain a clear understanding of the threats that face them and the effectiveness of their defences and ability to respond to an attack.

With a reputation for delivering in-depth and effective evaluations, Infosec Partners provides a full range of independent third party security testing services, from Vulnerability Assessments, Penetration Testing, and Application Security Testing, to Physical Security and Network Security Audits, and comprehensive Security Risk Asessments.

“Hacked customer data can erase millions in profits, stolen intellectual property (IP) can destroy competitive advantage, and privacy abuses can bring unwanted scrutiny, regulatory fines, and damaged reputations.”
The Future Of Data Security And Privacy: Growth And Competitive Differentiation 2019

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How exposed are you to fraud and phishing?

Phishing and social engineering threats are at an all-time high. A Phishing Exposure Assessment by Infosec Partners, allows you to safely simulate phishing and social engineering attacks to test the security awareness of your staff, and evaluate your network security infrastructure’s ability to reflect attacks.

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Are you ready for GDPR?

According to recent research, over half of businesses lack preparedness for the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR). With the EU's grace period rapidly running out, and fines of up to €20 million (or 4% of global turnover) in event of a breach, there is a lot at stake for companies falling behind the May 2018 deadline.

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Frequently requested testing services




Application Security Testing

Cyber Attack Readiness

PCI DSS Compliance

Data Protection & GDPR

ISO 27001 Certification

Cyber Essentials Certification

Cyber Attack Readiness

Do you know just how ready you are for a cyber attack, and how to get the right message to your investors, customers and regulators? Infosec Partners looks at organisations from a variety of angles to determine your readiness to prevent, predict, detect, contain and recover for the myriad of evolving cyber threats.

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We break in so that others can’t

Penetration testing by Infosec Partners simulates an attempt at breaching your security by a motivated atacker. We assess the resilience of your security controls and identify all the ways that an attacker might gain unauthorised access. Presenting you with a robust report, an actionable remediation plan and support in mitigating any found vulnerabilities.

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