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  • Application Security Testing Services across the entire SDLC
  • Removes high upfront CapEx costs
  • Scalable testing with near-zero false positives
  • Increased business agility, stronger security governance

Web application attacks pose one of the greatest risks to an organisation, but most security budgets have been typically spent elsewhere such as securing and monitoring the perimeter and endpoints. As a result, the bad guys have found it easier to sneak in through vulnerabilities in web applications. Modern organisations deploy a plethora of web applications, ranging from external facing corporate websites, customer portals, shopping carts, and login pages to internal facing HR portals. Accessible from any location, web applications today are an easy target for hackers, who can exploit vulnerabilities in these business critical applications and gain access to back-end corporate databases.

Identify application vulnerabilities at any point

Infosec Partners provides a software-as-a-service platform that enables your business to quickly deploy a scalable web security program. The service enables clients to request an on-demand review of their Internet-facing web applications at any point in the development, testing or production processes, helping them to understand the vulnerabilities and select remediation options.

We help you build Security into your DevOps

The pressure to deliver applications on-time can all too often mean that security is left as an afterthought, however as we’ve seen far too often this can result in security breaches. Application security must be incorporated into all supporting business processes and whether as an advisor to your existing team or provider of dedicated security security services, Infosec Partners will help you establish alignment of application security with your business, automating the discovery of vulnerabilities and providing 24x7x365 automatic application security testing.


Find out how exposed you really are. Lets talk about our application security testing services.

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    DAST (Dynamic Application Security Testing) tests an application for security vulnerabilities in its running state, such as Cross-site Scripting (XSS), that could subject the enterprise to attack. SAST (Static Application Security Testing) analyzes the code with the aim of identifying vulnerabilities before launch, to result in more secure and reliable applications. Gartner argues that the target should be a combination of both.

    “…next-generation modern web and mobile applications require a combination of SAST and DAST techniques…interactive application security testing approaches have emerged that combine static and dynamic techniques to improve testing.”

    Gartner Inc


    Infosec Partners provides clients with an Application Security Testing as-a-Service platform that enables your business to quickly deploy a scalable application security program across the entire software development lifecycle (SDLC). No additional staff or software is required and the solutions offer scalability that can meet any demand without slowing you down.

    Removes high upfront CapEx costs

    Replace your high initial capital expenditure with a low periodic operating expenditure. Services are pay-per-use and allow you to expand based on priorities.

    Increased business agility

    Increase your speed to successful secure delivery, with flexible options for end-to-end expert implementation, delivery, remediation and support.

    Stronger security governance

    Transparency of usage and performance delivering enterprise-class reporting with business unit level aggregation of data in flexible formats.

    Continuous & Concurrent Testing

    Near Zero False Positives

    Verified, prioritized results eliminate false positives and streamlines the remediation process. Whilst always-on risk assessment alerts for newly discovered vulnerabilities, provides metrics to identify improvement in security measures over time, and Automatically detects and assesses code changes to applications.

    Analysis that’s Scalable

    We track real time and historical data to measure your risk exposure, no matter the size of your environment and or how fast the pace of development.

    Access to expert security services

    Direct access to experienced security architects to support the results analysis, planning and roadmaps, prioritization and remediation as well as a comprehensive range of security offerings to match your needs.

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