Cyber Attack Readiness

How do you measure if you are ready for a cyber attack and how do you get the right message to your investors, customers and regulators? Infosec Partners looks at organisations from a variety of angles to determine your readiness to detect, prevent, contain and respond to the myriad of evolving cyber threats.

It's no longer IF but WHEN

Cyber attacks are here to stay and security breaches are almost inevitable, whatever the size of your organisation. This means your level of readiness will determine to what extent you are impacted by the breach.

According to a report from the Ponemon Institute conducted on behalf of IBM, a majority of companies are not prepared to respond to a cyber security incident.

Researchers surveyed more than 3,600 security and IT professionals from around the world, a worrying 77 percent admitted that they did not have a cyber security incident response plan applied consistently within their business.

If you fail to be prepared...

Most organisations have traditionally directed their security budget on perimeter defences and technology however as we've experienced in two decades of performing security assessments this has led to them either simply not having the holistic full-spectrum security that they need, or they have not sufficiently tested and practiced their ability to identify and react to signs of an attack.

Assessing your overall ability to deal with an attack

Infosec Partners developed a Cyber Attack Readiness Assessment to help organisations really understand how prepared (or otherwise) they are to protect against and respond to cyber attacks. It is multitier, multilevel assessment that touches every aspect within the organisation - from security awareness to cyber incident response. The target of the readiness assessment is as much reducing the potential time to recovery (to get the business back to normal) as it is in reducing the time to identify and act upon an attack.