Our Free Cyber Risk Scorecard is an effective way for security and compliance managers to obtain real time assessments of cyber security risks and highlights areas that require further assessment and verification.

Your Free Cyber Risk Scorecard will provide an actionable and easy to understand report for business executives whilst also providing detailed technical data and recommendations for security personnel.

Discover potential supply chain risks simply by scanning a company’s domain name using open source intelligence techniques to identify potential problems posed by business partners, vendors and third parties without carrying out costly and detailed analysis of supply chains.

Report scores are generated using technical data from CWE, CVSS, FIPS-199 impact level, FISMA maturity level and can also detect whether the company is currently being targeted by hackers.

Free Cyber Risk ScorecardBenefits at a glance

  • Generates a clear view of data in an easy to understand letter graded & colour coded security scorecard
  • Provides virtually false positive free security reports
  • Consolidates and aggregates vulnerabilities from manual analysis and open source scanning engines
  • Provides detailed results for mitigation
  • Enables vulnerabilities to be spotted & fixed before they are exploited
  • Provides a detailed view of your cybersecurity environment and risks


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