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Gain Insight Into Your Network with our Cyber Threat Assessment Program (CTAP)

Analyse Network Security, Productivity and Performance

Your organisation may have already deployed numerous security tools to combat cyber threats and limit the impact of successful attacks. However, as your network grows in scale and in complexity:

  • How confident are you in the effectiveness of those cyber security solutions?
  • Are they able to detect the sophisticated cyber attacks that we see today?
  • Can they identify emerging cyber threats? Do they encompass web, cloud and app usage?
  • Do you know what applications are being used across your network?

Measuring the effectiveness of the security solutions in place has become increasingly difficult and it is wise to regularly re-evaluate the effectiveness of your cyber security tools and solutions to ensure that they are working effectively and efficiently, a Cyber Threat Assessment Program (CTAP) can help you achieve this.

The Cyber Threat Assessment Program At a Glance

Infosec Partners are able to remotely undertake a cyber threat assessment to analyse your network.  The assessment will validate your network’s current security, application usage, and performance:

  1. Purpose: To address important concerns such as productivity, and/or utilisation and to identify the security risks within your organisation.
  2. Outcome: Provides an understanding of your cloud/web/app usage and how this impacts on the performance of your network and assesses & identifies security gaps and the security threats facing your organisation, including the risk of ransomware, phishing and email fraud.
  3. Delivers: Each assessment report includes a set of actionable recommendations that can be used to refine your security and network utilisation to mitigate threat concerns, including the products and services that will strengthen your cyber security posture and details of flexible deployment options designed to minimise network disruption.

How a Cyber Threat Assessment is Undertaken

As Fortinet experts, and without any risk or disruption to your existing network, we remotely deploy a virtual FortiGate firewall to monitor key indicators within your network. You will be able to see how the Fortinet operating system (FortiOS) works, become familiar with the user interface, and even look at the performance relative to any existing firewalls.

After several days of network monitoring, you will receive a Cyber Threat Assessment Report which is divided into three primary sections:

Security & Threat Protection

  • Application Vulnerabilities
  • Malware/Botnet Detection
  • At Risk Network Devices

User Productivity

  • Application/Cloud Categories
  • P2P, Proxy, and Remote Apps
  • Web and Browsing Habits

Network Utilisation and Performance

  • Bandwidth Analysis
  • Log and Session Rates
  • Firewall CPU/Memory Use

The assessment report provides an unprecedented insight into security and threat prevention, user productivity and network utilisation without compromising performance or adding latency.

Most importantly, the Cyber Threat Assessment Report will translate this information into recommended actions that you can take to mitigate security and threat concerns, improve user productivity and optimise network utilisation.

If you are looking for further support and guidance to implement the recommended actions, we can then work together to improve the security posture of your organisation and to optimise your network.

Cyber Security Consulting - Cyber security Risk Assessment

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Are you worried about your organisation’s resilience to a cyber attack? Do you want a better overall understanding on what your security investment is actually giving you? Find out more about the benefits of CTAP.

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