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FREE Cyber Threat Assessment Program for SCHOOLS

Safeguarding and cyber security protection and compliance assessment

Fortinet Cyber Threat Assessment for Schools

Infosec Partners are partnering with  Fortinet to provide a consultant led Free Cyber Security Threat Assessment for schools, designed to evaluate the security of school systems and to highlight any improvements required.

Infosec Partners are proven experts in reviewing the security infrastructure of school environments –  including admission systems, parent portals, payment systems and advanced monitoring and safeguarding arrangements.

Our comprehensive FREE Cyber Threat Assessment for Schools provide bursars, heads and safeguarding leads the answers to the following cyber security questions:

  1. Has the school been breached already?
  2. Is the school vulnerable to be breached easily?
  3. Are existing controls adequate to safeguard students and data?
  4. Would the school notice if they were under a targeted cyber attack?
  5. Does the school have the capability to automatically respond to a breach?

cyber threat assessment program for schools

How do we do it ?

We deliver hardware or virtualised security assessment tools utilising Fortinet technology. Infosec Partners define any changes required to facilitate the testing and after a 2 week testing period, provide a report detailing the following:-

  • Whether there are any signs of an existing breach
  • The extent to which the current security controls satisfy safeguarding and best practice security requirements
  • Details of any vulnerabilities or exposures within IT and procedural systems
  • Recommendations on methods to improve security and reduce risk

The Cyber threat assessment can review the protective controls of both the on premise school systems and also of teachers and students working from home.

Parents and industry bodies are asking more and more questions about the adequacy of safeguarding, physical and cyber protection in school – make sure your school is proactive in managing the ever changing cyber threat to children.

Free cyber threat assessment program for schools*

*Submissions will be reviewed

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