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iso 27001 compliance

By achieving compliance with ISO 27001 (the international standard for Information Security Management) an organisation demonstrates its continuing ability to proactively assess their information security risk posture and manage that risk according to the organisations’ risk appetite, and that there is a strong focus on the governance and maintenance of the information security management system (ISMS).Avoid stumbling blocks for certification and recertification
However organisations can get tied down with the controls and not see the full picture. There have been many situations where management systems fail to obtain or maintain ISO 27001 certification, and it hasn’t been because they don’t have a well-defined and optimised set of security controls. It’s been because they’ve failed to demonstrate their ability and commitment to continually manage, monitor, maintain, and improve their information security management system.

Get insight and impartiality

We’ve seen organisations from Delotte (with its own cyber risk services division) to TalkTalk get breached even though they were ISO 27001 certified. So whilst ISO 27001 can give you a framework for strengthening your security, it requires you to continuously improve and periodically reassess what your policy says you’re doing and how well you’re doing it. This is why many organisations prefer to hire an independent, unbiased third party to help with this audit process, such as Infosec Partners that has both insight and impartiality to provide a clearer assessment of the organisation’s information security status.

In the new normal of rapidly escalating and continuously evolving cyber threats, being able to identify, adjust, and react to information security risk has never been more important – especially to customers, investors and regulators.

International Organization for Standardization Website

ISO 27001 Certification

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    Infosec Partners helps organisations manage sensitive information so that it remains secure.


    • Working with a trustworthy service provider maintains the company’s own integrity to the safeguarding of its data.
    • Installs confidence further down the supply chain resulting in stronger customer/ supplier relationships.


    • Avoid incidents and the fines and financial impact that comes with them.
    • Achieve smoother running operations with responsibilities and processes clearly defined.
    • Improve your business image in the marketplace – customers have peace of mind that the company is trustworthy.


    • Having appropriate access controls in place lowers the risk of accidental exposure to employees of confidential/sensitive information.
    • Provides reassurance that their employer is meeting data handling security guidelines.
    • Clearly and precisely define roles and responsibilities to enhance job satisfaction and productivity.


    We begin by identifying your organisations’ end goals and preparing for key activities and guide you through all activities required to achieve certification of compliance.

    Project Initiation

    A project kick off meeting provides the client with a comprehensive project plan and schedule of onsite and remote audits as well as interview schedule, project updates, status meetings, and delivery milestones; as well as request lists of information required for review.

    Information Gathering and assessment

    Secure online collaboration tools are used for the transitory sharing of information.

    ISO 27001 Certification Review Process

    Stage 1. Is where we perform a 27001 review to establish likelihood of certification. A report is provided to the client, noting activities performed, results of the testing, as well as project next steps required to be certain of certification.

    Stage 2. Is where the external body performs the 27001 review, which should result in formal certification.

    Reporting, Deliverables
    & Project Completion

    Effective communication and timely coordination of certification planning activities are central to our process.

    Ongoing Audit & Assessment

    Whilst certification may be the main goal of the initial project, ongoing assessments will ensure continuing compliance with the standard – ensuring re-certification and sustained security.

    Penetration testing is important for ISO 27001 compliance because the findings provide a basis upon which security measures can be improved and maintained.

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