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Phishing Assessment

No one likes to be fooled…
but people are still the weak link
in an organisation’s security

A phishing assessment is when deceptive or malicious emails are sent to employees within an organization in an attempt to coerce them to click on provided links, open file attachments, or provide access to sensitive information or systems.

With an unprecedented increase in malicious emails, more people are now falling for phishing than ever before, resulting in costly security breaches and fraud. With this increase in phishing and cyber fraud, as well as the costly damages and resulting loss experienced by victims of ransomware and business email compromise, there is a growing need to test your organisation’s susceptibility to social engineering attacks in the same way that you should be testing your network security defences with penetration testing.

Benefits of Phishing Risk Assessments

A Phishing assessment and report will enable your company to:

  • Determine the true extent of your organisation’s vulnerability to phishing and other malicious types of email
  • Help optimise your staff security awareness
  • Random testing helps ensure long-term protection from phishing attacks
  • Evaluates your staff’s overall responsiveness to a phishing attempt
  • Directly assess employee compliance with internal policies and procedures
  • Helps improve your security posture on an ongoing basis by utilising our specialised support, advice, and security consultancy services
  • Adhere to regulatory bodies that require regular phishing assessments

91% of all cyber attacks start with a phishing email - phishing assessment

Social Engineering Risk and Phishing Risk Assessments

A phishing assessment from Infosec Partners gives your company the tools it needs to safely simulate phishing attacks and to test your employees’ security awareness and evaluate the ability of your network security infrastructure to protect from cyber attacks.

Threats from phishing and social engineering are at an all-time high, with more businesses suffering than ever before. As evidenced by the rise in cyber fraud such as business email compromise and ransomware, cyber criminals are benefiting from a lack of security awareness. Improved security education and decision making at the user level will help prevent your organization from becoming the next victim.

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For more information on our ‘Phishing Exposure Assessments’ and other security testing and managed security services designed to protect your organisation and manage risk please get in touch with our phishing assessment team.

Phishing Assessment, awareness and phishing risk exposure tests


Find out how exposed you really are with a phishing risk awareness assessment.

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