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Cyberplus in Monaco

By September 23, 2016September 7th, 2021No Comments
Cyberplus in Monaco

Chris Parker MBE reports back on a major Data Security Event.

It was a pleasure to be invited by Fortinet to deliver a keynote address at the third annual 361° Security Forum. Founder Michael Xie, Patrice Perche, Patrick Grillo and the rest of the Fortinet team were very welcoming and the audience were generous and receptive to my address on Risk & Crisis Management. What was interesting afterwards was seeing the interest in one aspect of our new 4D Security package: operational cyber rehearsals. Our unique methodology ensures that your good security plans and systems are fully tested and made operationally ready against real threats and complex attacks.

The event was also the launch of the Fortinet Security Fabric – an impressive concept and leap ahead that can be read about here: and my impressions on the first day here:

I also covered aspects that are common themes we hear on why basic data security does not become top class security. We often hear cries of: ‘not enough time’ and ‘we are just too busy to get staff to focus on cyber even if it is important’. I showed that if one assumes 250 working days in a year (luxury you may say?!), then just 1 day (or 2 half days) on our 4D enhancement is <0.5% of the working year but may well ensure business, reputational and security protection for the years ahead.

4D Security – taking you to a new dimension of data protection

Cyberplus’ 4D Security adds a 4th dimension to your existing high grade security systems and staff. The 3 dimensions are often cited as Performance, Product and Price: the choices are there for any organisation depending on threat and risk appetite. Our 4D Security visits you and your team in situ and then adds a far greater security, confidence and awareness; all for a small % of the outlay made on your current systems.

For more information, contact us today using the adjacent form, or call +44(0)1256 893 662 to speak with a trusted advisor immediately.



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