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How can you defend yourself if you don’t know how they are going to attack?

By February 21, 2020December 14th, 2020No Comments

How can you defend yourself if you don’t know how they are going to attack?

So, who do you buy your firewalls from?

Most companies offering security services are focused on either attack or defence.  Very few of our competitors know how to do both!

…Do you know any?

Whilst buying cybersecurity controls from an ISP or network / I.T. provider may seem like a simple add on to existing services, their business model is not cyber protection.  They are primarily focused on connecting things in the easiest way possible, not protecting them. Many clients come to us following a cyber attack or breach having been let down by their current supplier who they thought was geared up to defend them.  They arrived – far too late – at the realisation that the supplier is staffed mainly with network operations people with little idea of the methods attackers use or the tools/procedures to adequately respond. 

Fundamentally, these companies are I.T. resellers that are using cyber to gain an additional revenue stream from existing clients.  They are not expert certified cyber analysts. We provide both protection and incident response services, but also spend a large part of our time performing attack and penetration testing, breach simulation and effectively testing the security controls we deploy for clients against the exact attacks the client will be exposed to.  We are confident in our defences, having invested in testing them through independent expert attacks.

Back to the boxing analogy, seeing as Mr Tyson Fury is on stage tomorrow night. You wouldn’t send a boxer into a ring and expect them to know how to defend if he wasn’t experienced in how people attack in a fight, would you?  After waking up and rising from the canvas confused, he would likely say “you didn’t tell me he would do an uppercut, and what’s this liver shot all about, I was protecting my head!”

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