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Don’t miss the boat! Cyber Security Should Be A Priority For Superyachts

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Cyber Security Should Be A Priority For Super yachts

If you have access to a superyacht, you will no doubt be more than familiar with taking care of your physical security. But have you thought about the cyber security of your vessel? Watched where you surfed lately?

A recent article for Boat International highlighted comments made by superyacht hacking expert Tony Gee, who spoke at the Superyacht Design Symposium.

He pointed out that superyachts are very similar to smart homes in terms of all the internet-connected devices they’re home to, and therefore securing these should be a priority.
“The problem is that all of this smart technology is very vulnerable and there’s quite a lot of ways for it to be attacked,” Mr Gee explained.

He was referring to everything from the wifi network to smart TVs and even smart lighting. More crucially, CCTV feeds, GPS data and satellite communications are all vulnerable to a hack. You could be feeding the phish without even knowing it.

“If I can tell your boat that it’s in a different location to where it thinks it is then I can even crash your boat,” he told those attending the event. Mr Gee also called for superyacht designers to prioritise security when designing systems and yachts, adding that if something does go wrong as a result of a cyber attack, the owner could come back to the designer seeking compensation.

Last year, Superyacht News reported that a training course in superyacht cyber security had been launched to boost awareness of the risk among crews and to teach people to spot the signs of a cyber attack. But if you don’t have the time or patience, Infosec Partners are more than qualified and happy to consult your security on deck for you.

We are experts in the field of superyacht cyber security, so if you need some help to make your vessel secure in every way, contact us about our cyber security services and we’ll set sail on keeping you safe from cyber attacks.

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