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    The ceaseless sophistication, frequency and creativity of cybersecurity threats combined with the growing shortage of cybersecurity experts means that it’s geting harder for organisations to protect themselves.

    Infosec Partners works as a trusted part of your team. Whether you're looking for 24x7 complete managed security or an on-call expert advisor, we offer a range of managed services to complement your internal team or primary outsource partner.

    A recognised Partner of Excellence, we can support any device by any security vendor, optimising your existing security investment to meet your compliance requirements.

    Managed Firewall

    Monitoring and managing your firewall is crucial to safeguarding your organization’s security. But as today’s threats grow more sophisticated, and the skills needed to address them become increasingly scarce, successful firewall management can quickly become complex and costly for your organization.

    XPatch Managed Patching

    Are carried out through known software vulnerabilities for which there are publicly available patches, according to a study by IT Research firm Gartner. Given that the timely deployment of software patches would dramatically reduce corporate risk, why doesn’t every organization deploy all applicable software patches?

    XScan Vulnerability Manager

    XSCAN Vulnerability Management by Infosec Partners helps organisations protect their business infrastructure by discovering vulnerable systems and providing tools to manage the entire vulnerability life-cycle.

    Managed SIEM

    Having real-time alerting, correlation, analysis and auditing through your security information and event management (SIEM) and managed by a vigilant team of security experts, is essential for early warning of possible security breaches, reducing threat impact and enabling compliance with regulations and standards such as PCI DSS.

    Managed Email Security

    Complete email security requires visibility of all blended attack vectors coupled with granular policy and content controls. Email remains a primary attack vector for cyber criminals, whilst email security is also critical for ensuring confidential information is not leaked either accidentally or intentionally.

    Managed Network Access Control

    Managed Network Access Control (NAC) enables granular control over network access and continuous monitoring of corporate-sanctioned and bring your own device (BYOD) endpoints. This wil help you to prevent the spread of malware and other threats that can harm infrastructure and leave your business vulnerable to attack and data loss.

    Managed Wireless Network Security

    WiFi access has become so ubiquitous that there is a demand and expectation for it by users including customers, employees and guests. However securing your networks from attack through your wireless networks has become a priority as the the number of mobile devices connecting to WiFi including BYOD and unknown untrusted devices continues to soar,

    Managed Incident Response

    A quick and efficient response to an attack on your network can save an untold amount of time, money and staff hours. Optimise your incident response plan, coordinate an incident response team and determine the source, cause and extent of a computer security breach quickly with managed incident response services by Infosec Partners.

    Managed Advanced Threat Protection

    Advanced Persistent Threats are well thought, multi stage processes. Covering threat prevention, threat detection and mitigation, an effective Managed ATP service is more than just sandboxing. Protecting against APTs requires an equally well thought, multi stage framework that will deploy the largest number of defences to provide a meaningful response for our clients’ concerns.


    Penetration Testing

    We break in so that others can’t. Penetration testing by Infosec Partners simulates an attempt at breaching your security by a motivated atacker. We assess the resilience of your security controls and identify all the ways that an attacker might gain unauthorised access. Presenting you with a robust report, an actionable remediation plan and support in mitigating any found vulnerabilities.

    Security Risk Assessment

    Critically evaluating your security program in its entirety and looking for the areas it can be improved is a daunting task. Security risk assessments by Infosec Partners identifies & assesses your current security posture; evaluates your security program and analyzes any gaps, to allowing you to understand how secure you really are.

    Fraud & Phishing Exposure Assessment

    Phishing and social engineering threats are at an all-time high. A Phishing Exposure Assessment by Infosec Partners, allows you to safely simulate phishing and social engineering attacks to test the security awareness of your staff, and evaluate your network security infrastructure’s ability to reflect attacks.

    Web Application Security Testing

    Infosec Partners’ Web Application Security Testing service is an internet security audit designed to rigorously push the defences of networks and applications. It is suitable for commissioning, third party assurance, post-attack analysis, audit and regulatory purposes where independence and quality of service are important requirements.

    Cyber Attack Readiness

    How do you measure if you are ready for a cyber attack and how do you get the right message to your investors, customers and regulators? Infosec Partners looks at organisations from a variety of angles to determine your readiness to detect, prevent, contain and respond to the myriad of evolving cyber threats.

    Compliance & Certification

    From GDPR to PCI DSS, governments and industry regulators are getting tougher with their demands on organisaions to be secure. Infosec Partners conducts assessments to evaluate how compliant organisations are against relevant regulations, laws and standards, and guide organisations to achieve certification to intenational standards such as ISO 27001.

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