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Balancing patient safety with healthcare provision

Medical devices, like other computer systems, can be vulnerable to security breaches, potentially impacting the safety and effectiveness of the device. This vulnerability increases as medical devices are increasingly “connected” to the Internet, hospital networks, and to other medical devices.

Medical device manufacturers and health care facilities are recommended to take steps to assure that appropriate safeguards are in place to reduce the risk of failure due to cybersecurity threats, which could be caused by the introduction of malware into the medical equipment or unauthorized access to configuration settings in medical devices and hospital networks.

All medical devices carry a certain amount of risk. While the increased use of wireless technology and software in medical devices also increases the risks of potential cybersecurity threats, these same features also improve health care and increase health care providers’ ability to treat patients. Because cybersecurity threats cannot be completely eliminated, manufacturers, hospitals and facilities must work to manage them. Addressing cybersecurity threats and reducing information security risks is especially challenging because of the need to balance the protection of patient safety with promoting the development of innovative technologies and improved device performance.

Helping Healthcare achieve PSN compliance

Directly and through strategic alliances, Infosec Partners has helped healthcare organisations achieve PSN compliance. A network of networks, which allows public sector organisations to connect with each other securely and cost effectively, the Public Services Network (PSN) was rolled out in order to achieve better optimization of resource, with shared common best-practice services as a foundation for developing working practices.

In light of this decade's austerity measures, a significant goal is to save hundreds of millions. But given the heightened threat landscape, with more state-sponsored and well-funded criminal cyber attacks than ever before, establishing an optimum standard of Security is essential for all organisations wishing to join PSN.

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