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HospitalityCyber Threats to Hotels, Venues, Restaurants & Bars

Corporate Execs are being targeted in their hotels.

A recent report by security software vendor Kaspersky Lab, describes an attack vector that extremely skilled, surgically precise hackers have been exploiting for at least 4 years, with both the FBI and Ausrtalian Government issuing similar advisories over the years warning of attacks from as early as 2007.

Even at exclusive hotels, guests going online are infected with malware posing as an update for commonly installed software such as Adobe, Google and Windows, which helps the attackers identify, and selectively target their victims. Some variants capture the room number and last name information often used to connect to hotel WiFi networks. The selected targets, typically executives, are then used as a means to penetrate corporate networks, in addition to stealing personal information from the victims themselves.

PCI-DSS, WiFi and Hospitality

Directly and through strategic alliances, Infosec Partners has helped healthcare organisations achieve PSN compliance. A network of networks, which allows public sector organisations to connect with each other securely and cost effectively, the Public Services Network (PSN) was rolled out in order to achieve better optimization of resource, with shared common best-practice services as a foundation for developing working practices.

In light of this decade's austerity measures, a significant goal is to save hundreds of millions. But given the heightened threat landscape, with more state-sponsored and well-funded criminal cyber attacks than ever before, establishing an optimum standard of Security is essential for all organisations wishing to join PSN.

From Department stores to Amusement parks, 'shopper tracking' technology, such as FortiPresence, is becoming widely implemented. Organisations are able to track and react to customer footfall and behavour, using wireless networks. As trusted advisor to significant organisations including global 5-star hotel chains, Infosec Partners has implemented a number of Shopper Tracking solutions for Hospitality clients. The key is to have a well structured, and effecively secured wireless network.

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