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As the most recent wave of attacks have confirmed, the retail sector remains among the top industries to be targeted by cyber criminals. To protect themselves and their customers, retailers need comprehensive yet cost-effective network security solutions to mitigate risk to their business and prevent the financial and reputational damage created by a data breach.

Keeping the shops open

While threats increase, Retail is under pressure to reduce costs and to develop existing and new retail channels. It has never been more important to examine the challenges facing retail chains, and to cost effectively counter the growing challenge from the cyber criminal while at the same time leveraging technology at the store level to better attract and retain customers in this age of online shopping and e-tailers.

As trusted advisors to significant organisations, with a track record of protecting online and high street retailers Infosec Partners helps ensure that the shops remain open and secure.

Secure the future of Retail today

For retailers with many geographically dispersed shops or stores, having secure network connectivity and linking all sites to the head office has become the glue of critical operating processes such as the Point of Sale (PoS), accounting, inventory control, pricing, customer relationship management applications and other business services.

The in-store store network is vital, yet invisible, to staff and shoppers alike until it stops working. If the network goes down, we don't have to tell you that transactions halt, customers go elsewhere and cash registers stop ringing.

Contact an Infosec Partners Trusted Advisor now to help secure your Retail operations.

1. Advanced Threat Protection

Protecting against advanced malware attacks requires a solution that integrates advanced security capabilities throughout the entire network. It requires a solution that integrates the security fabric into the network infrastructure, eliminating weak links throughout the network.

2. Performance

With an increasing number of end points and applications and higher volumes of data, the network must be able to support the performance demands being placed on it. But at the same time, the necessary security functions cannot be permitted to slow down the network. In the highly competitive retail environment, unnecessary delays in the sales process will result in lost customers. The network must maintain stringent levels of performance throughout the course of the day.

3. A comprehensive in-store network

An in-store network can be considered as an independent entity but at the same time part of a much larger organism. While connectivity to main network is a key element, a secure in-store network, supporting both wired and wireless connectivity is critical for supporting existing applications and enabling new applications and services.

4. Migration to lower cost public networks

Today’s network planners have more connectivity options today than ever before. Traditional leased lines have been largely replaced with higher speed and lower cost options like DSL and MPLS services and wide area Ethernet. However, a still lower cost option is available – broadband Internet access. But leveraging the Internet for mission critical applications requires a robust in-store security solution to prevent data breaches.

5. Adopting innovative in-store services

E-commerce and e-tailers have changed the face of the retail market. To fight back, traditional retailers have to find ways of improving the retail experience and promoting increased customer loyalty and sales. In-store technology, particularly wireless, is a key enabler for these initiatives. While wireless technology provides the flexibility to enable key initiatives, if not implemented correctly it is also a convenient entry point for the cyber criminal.

6. Supporting PCI DSS compliance

With in-store networks carrying payment card transactions there is a mandatory requirement to satisfy Payment Card Industry (PCI) compliance requirements. The in-store network must be able to evolve as the PCI DSS standards evolve.

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Protect your brand. #RetailSecured

Protect your brand. #RetailSecured

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