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Utilities & ManufacturingSecure your critical process automation systems

Cyber attacks on industrial control systems and in particular critical and manufacturing infrastructures is now a reality.

Power generation facilities, metropolitan traffic control systems, water treatment systems and factories have become targets of attackers and have been hit recently with an array of network breach, data theft and denial of service activity. Service uptime, data integrity, compliance and even public safety require that organizations implement steps to deal with these security concerns. It is time to take action.

Industrial Control Systems from leading vendors are vulnerable and exploits are now freely available on the Internet. The vulnerabilities vary from basic issues like systems without passwords or with hard-coded passwords to configuration issues and software bugs. Once an attacker is able to run software that has access to a controller, the likelihood of a successful attack is very high.

Your ICS and SCADA systems are being targeted

Industry, manufacturing and critical infrastructure facilities (electricity, oil, gas, water, waste, etc.) rely heavily on electrical, mechanical, hydraulic and other types of equipment. This equipment is controlled and monitored by dedicated computer systems known as controllers and sensors. These systems are connected to management systems—together they form networks that leverage SCADA (Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition) and ICS (Industrial Control System) solutions. Both ICS and SCADA enable efficient collection and analysis of data and help automate control of equipment such as pumps, valves and relays. The benefits that these systems provide have contributed to their wide adoption. Their ruggedness and stability enable critical infrastructure-related facilities to use ICS and SCADA solutions for long periods of time—often in excess of 10 and sometimes 20 years and beyond.

However, the benefits provided by ICS and SCADA systems make them equally capable of damaging infrastructure operations and processes. By altering the commands sent to the controllers, or by changing sensors readings, attackers can create changes in electrical, chemical, mechanical or other processes. These changes can introduce sudden and apparent or slow and hard to notice modifications to factory processes. The results can be defective products, loss of productivity, disruption of service or worse—genuine risk to public safety. Individuals or organizations perform attacks against ICS and SCADA systems with a detailed understanding of the environment in which these systems operate and with specific motivation—these can be disgruntled employees, foreign governments, business competitors, criminals or political/ideological activists.

A full-spectrum multilayered security approach

Industrial control and SCADA systems are not the same as corporate networks. Infosec Partners understands the importance of having a full-spectrum and multi-layered approach to security. Contact us today for help in identifying the right solutions to complete your security strategy, or for security expertise to complement and support your in-house IT. We'll make sure your security is tough enough to withstand both the cyber attacks and the demanding conditions of your Utilities or Manufacturing organisation.

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Are you ready for Open Water?

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(Known) SCADA attacks over the years

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