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It's time for an effective full-spectrum security approach. Contact Infosec Partners today.


Understand and optimise your security investment

Infosec Partners has helped significant organisations from all verticals to optimise their security strategy and get a better return on their security investment. With over two decades experience guiding organisations and implementing full-spectrum security aligned to meet their specific threats, our trusted advisors understand the importance of having a full-spectrum and multi-layered approach to security.

• How frequently do you test your defences?

• Do you really understand what threats are defended against from the technology and services you've paid for?

• Do you know your security risk profile?

• How well have you protected against threats from the inside?

• What is the RoI on your security investment?


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Is your security soft on the inside? It's time for an effective full-spectrum security approach. Contact Infosec Partners today.

As organizations grow and embrace the latest technology such as Mobility and Cloud, traditional network boundaries are becoming increasingly complex to control and secure. There are now many different ways into an enterprise network and the old model of just protecting against threats outside the organisations' perimeter is no longer enough.

Not long ago, firewall vendors marked the ports on their appliances ‘External’ (Untrusted) and ‘Internal’ (Trusted). However, advanced threats use this to their advantage because once inside, the network is very flat and open. The inside of the network usually consists of non-security aware devices such as switches, routers and even bridges. So once you gain access to the network as a hacker, contractor or even rogue employee, you then get free access to the entire enterprise network including all the valuable assets.

An Internal Penetration test will help you discover what could be achieved by a motivated attacker, whilst an Internal Segmentation Firewall (ISFW) sitting at strategic points on the internal network will help you secure your internal traffic.

Is your security proven to be effective? It's time for an effective full-spectrum security approach. Contact Infosec Partners today.

Protect Your Organisation with a proven integrated security ecosystem

Knowledge of the threat landscape combined with the ability to respond quickly at multiple levels is the foundation of providing effective security, which is why it’s the foundation of the Fortinet Security Ecosystem. Created with the protective power of FortiGuard real-time security service at its heart, the Fortinet Security Ecosystem is an integrated suite of five mature, proven Fortinet security products.

Choose the right combination for your organisation. When combined, FortiMail. FortiWeb, FortiADC, FortiDDoS and FortiSandbox deliver the ultimate protection, detection and recovery capabilities for your business.

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