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Exploring the Benefits of Outsourced CISO Solutions

By June 22, 2023June 27th, 2023No Comments
benefits of ciso as a service

In an increasingly interconnected world, the prevalence of cyber threats is on the rise. As these threats continue to evolve, it is imperative that organisations place cyber security as an integral part of their business operations. Having the right skills in place, and staying up to date with the latest measures, is essential when protecting critical assets from security threats.

CISOs (Chief information Security Officers) play a crucial role in safeguarding an organisation from cyber attacks. By having a dedicated expert on your team, especially at board level, organisations can better navigate the ever-changing cyber security landscape.

Yet with a cyber skills shortage, it can be increasingly difficult to find the right CISO for your organisation. And many smaller and mid size businesses are not yet at a size where they need or can justify an inhouse CISO.

As a result, organisations are adopting innovative approaches in sourcing external resources to fulfil their CISO requirements. There are many terms and phrases for these approaches, we’ve come across; Outsourced CISO, Virtual CISO, VCISO, Fractional CISO, CISO Consultant, and CISO as a Service (CISCOaaS).

Whatever the label, these alternative solutions provide organisations with the flexibility and expertise needed to address their cyber security needs without the need for a full-time, in-house CISO.

As a result, many organisations are enjoying the numerous advantages and benefits of leveraging outsourced CISO resources to bolster their cyber security posture. We explore the key benefits below:

  • Rapid Solution: instead of enduring lengthy recruitment processes for an in-house CISO, outsourcing to a virtual CISO enables organisations to swiftly enhance their cyber security.
  • Flexibility: whether you need some temporary expertise for a project, or you are wanting to hire a stopgap CISO whilst recruiting for a permanent staff member, by utilising a CISOaaS you will benefit from greater flexibility because you can bring in resource as and when you need it. They can provide security services on-demand, scaling up or down as needed, focusing on key areas as required, making them an ideal choice for businesses with fluctuating security requirements.
  • Enhanced Efficiency: by providing the necessary resources when needed, CISOaaS brings a strong focus on delivering contracted objectives. This focused approach enables them to be more efficient resources for organisations.
  • Objective Perspective: as CISO consultants have not typically been part of the organisation’s journey, they are not subjected to any internal/ barriers or tied to any legacy decisions. They can therefore provide an objective viewpoint with unbiased advice.
  • Strategic Leadership: a virtual CISO, as an impartial observer, takes a strategic leadership approach, recommending cybersecurity strategies that integrate seamlessly into an organisation’s short, medium, and long-term objectives.
  • Proactive Measures: virtual CISOs are driven by the value they deliver and their return on investment. As a result, they adopt a proactive approach, actively identifying vulnerabilities and implementing measures to mitigate risks.
  • Cost Effectiveness: recruiting and retaining cyber expertise can take up a significant chunk of an organisation’s cyber budget. Opting for CISO resources when their expertise is required offers a more affordable alternative.
  • Increased Cyber Resilience: ultimately the key objective of any CISO is to strengthen an organisation’s cyber security. CISOaaS can work in tandem alongside the ‘business as usual’ operations in a positive way to decrease the risk of security breaches.
  • Competencies and Experience: you may select a virtual CISO because they have experience in your sector, or perhaps they’ve worked with organisations of a similar size or stage of maturity, either way virtual CISOs bring with them a wealth of experience and competencies allowing businesses to benefit from enhanced cyber security outcomes.
  • Access to Networks: external CISOs often possess an established network of trusted suppliers and partners, and you will be able to leverage these for your business benefit.
  • Concentrate on Core Business: cyber security will not be the primary focus for the leadership team. By hiring a virtual CISO the leadership team can focus on their core responsibilities and business objectives.

Considering these compelling advantages, it is clear that the benefits of engaging external CISO expertise to an outsourced resource far outweigh the risks of forgoing one altogether.

If you’re interested in securing the services and benefits of an outsourced CISO, please don’t hesitate to get in touch with the Infosec Partners team to explore how our CISOaaService can benefit your business.

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