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Finding The Right Fortinet Partner

By November 29, 2022November 30th, 2022No Comments
finding the right Fortinet partner

Finding the right Fortinet partner for your organisation

Over the past 20 years Fortinet has built a network of highly-qualified distributors, resellers and partners committed to providing world-class cyber security products, services and technical support to customers. Fortinet only partners with the most innovative of companies, partners who can leverage the industry’s best security solutions coupled with high levels of technical skills and client service, to ultimately drive customer success.  Here’s our advice for finding the right Fortinet partner.

Many Fortinet partners follow the structured programme of Fortinet training, and employ on site Network Security Expert (NSE) Level 4 engineers.

Some, like ourselves, are fully committed to offering the highest level of advice and support and undertake further Fortinet partner training. Gaining these deeper skills and higher certifications means partners are able to provide an advanced service of deploying, integrating and managing the wide range of Fortinet products and solutions, including within complex environments.

When finding a Fortinet partner, to ensure that you receive the best skills, service and pricing, we recommend that you inquire about a partner’s Fortinet Partnership level and their Fortinet qualifications.

Infosec Partners are proud to have achieved the following recognitions from Fortinet:

  • Many individual Fortinet certifications across all 8 NSE levels
  • The first certified Expert Level Dedicated MSSP Partner
  • The only UK based Expert Level MSSP Partner dedicated to cybersecurity
  • The first Fortinet certified expert partner globally to secure OT environments
  • For providing the highest levels of customer support across a number of key business model specialisms:
    • Cloud Solutions
    • Integrated Solutions
    • and as an MSSP (Managed Security Services Provider) for the provision of the monitoring and management of the full range of Fortinet security solutions
  • We have specialisms in Adaptive Cloud Security, Data Centre Security, Operational Technology and Zero Trust Access

We are not an IT company, we are a dedicated MSSP cyber company. Our clients come to us when they need the absolute best levels of cyber protection and when they need absolute experts in all aspects of cyber security. We have demonstrable experience that we can design, operate and manage complex security environments.

If you are on the hunt for finding the right Fortinet partner, lets chat, we could be a perfect match. To arrange a call with our team of highly qualified Fortinet cyber security experts please get in touch.


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