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FortiDeceptor Deception Technology

By July 15, 2022November 17th, 2022No Comments
FortiDECEPTORAutomated Protectionfor IT devices and OT system controls

Minimise Damage and Protect an Organisation’s True Assets

Smart devices are now widely used to manage, monitor and control operations and processes across both critical infrastructure and industry. However with increased connectivity comes increased cyber security risk. Connecting OT (operational technology) devices to the internet via an IT network immediately exposes both the devices and the entire network to threats. Not only does this expand the attack surface, it makes an attack even more attractive for attackers looking for a way in to cause maximum disruption to an entire network. And as attackers are using increasingly sophisticated strategies to cause disruption, organisations are facing an increasing challenge with securing IT/OT environments. In our latest blog post we explain why FortiDeceptor is perfect for OT security.

Deception technology is perfect for addressing these IT/OT cyber security challenges

Organisations must therefore step up their security plans. A proactive, cohesive and comprehensive ‘protect, detect and react’ cyber security approach is a must to cover all bases against advanced attacks.

FortiDeceptor has the ability to scale, and to integrate with both existing hardware/software plus IoT devices, makes deception technology suitable for IT/OT environments. Creating an active defence, it diverts cyber criminal to fake data and credentials, protecting an organisations real assets whilst at the same time gathering threat intelligence regarding an attackers movements and tactics.

There are many cyber solutions on the market that can be deployed, however we recommend FortiDeceptor for protecting IoT/OT environments because as a ‘holistic solution’ it works across the entire kill chain.

FortiDeceptor for OT Security

FortiDeceptor, from Fortinet, is designed for OT security, it is a unique early warning system designed to deceive, expose and eliminate both internal and external threats before any significant damage occurs:

  • Deceives and Exposes:
    • Organisations can rapidly create a fake environment that simulates and mimics your real network and assets, such as servers, applications, devices and data
    • It automatically lays out decoys and lures, fine tuned to your IT/OT environments, that are indistinguishable from true assets
    • Lures attackers away from your real critical assets
    • Conceals your sensitive and critical assets behind a fabricated Deception Surface
    • Confuses and redirects attackers whilst revealing their presence on your network
  • Blocks
    • Automatically blocks attackers targeting critical IT devices and OT system controls
  • Eliminates
    • Enables rapid investigation and automated response
    • Analyzes and exposes the tactics of the threat actor revealing how they entered the environment, their objectives and tools used
    • Threat intelligence gathered from the attacker can be applied automatically to inline security controls to stop attacks before any real damage is done
    • Seamlessly integrates with an existing security infrastructure supporting automated threat response and threat hunting, both from within the Fortinet Security Fabric, and other 3rd party solutions

Simple to set up via a wizard, and easy to use via a central management dashboard, FortiDeceptor is an essential part of an organisation’s breach detection and response strategy to protect against cyber attacks, especially across connected networks. It enables organisations to solve the problem of OT threats without adding delay or downtime and provides a holistic security approach across both IT/OT environments.

If you would like a demo of FortiDeceptor, and to find out how it can strengthen your cyber security posture and OT security, please get in touch, our cyber security experts are here to help.

Read more about our best in class Managed Deception Service.

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