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Fortinet Announces New Specialised Products & Solutions for OT Environments

By March 8, 2023March 13th, 2023No Comments

The demand for faster and more efficient systems has resulted in a rise of connected and internet enabled OT (operational technology) systems within industrial environments, especially within the energy, utilities, transport, maritime and healthcare sectors. Devices, applications, industrial control systems (ICS), programmable logic controllers (PLC) and supervisory control and data acquisition (SCADA) systems are all used to connect, monitor and manage an organisation’s industrial operations and processes.

However, the rise in connected networks significantly complicates a network, whilst also expanding an organisations attack surface. This creates further opportunities for cyber attackers, who are becoming even more sophisticated in their attack strategies.

Organisations utilising OT need the right cyber security technology, installed and managed by expert trusted advisors, to protect their networks, assets, processes and reputations.

As a Fortinet expert partner, and the first formally certified by Fortinet to secure OT environments, we leverage Fortinet’s market leading OT solutions to reduce the cyber security risk of organisations operating OT environments.

We are pleased to share that Fortinet have recently announced the development of specialised OT cyber products, plus enhancements to a number of their OT security solutions:

  • FortiGate NGFW – Fortinets rugged 70F Next Generation Firewall delivers complete coverage for content, web and device security with dedicated OT and IoT services that are natively integrated with SD-WAN, zero trust network access (ZTNA), or via 5G through an integration with FortiExtender.
  • FortiDeceptor – Fortinet’s new rugged 100G deception technology, FortiDeceptor, is now available as an industrially hardened rugged appliance providing new OT/IoT/IT decoys to protect diverse OT/IOT/IT environments.
  • FortiPAM Privileged Access Management for Secure Remote Access – privileged remote access management for OT ecosystems and critical assets. FortiPAM integrates with a number of Fortinet products to deliver single sign-on, multi factor authentication and zero trust network access.
  • FortiSIEM – Fortinets unified security analytics solution, FortiSIEM, now includes event correlation and mapping of security events to the Purdue Model along with built-in parsers for OT security solutions and a dashboard for OT-specific threat analysis.
  • FortiSOAR – new features in FortiSOAR enable security automation and orchestration across IT and OT environments, such as IT/OT dashboards mapped to the Purdue Model hierarchy, OT-specific playbooks for threat remediation, and enhanced integration and connectors for OT threat intelligence.
  • FortiGuard – The FortiGuard Industrial Security Service now includes more than 2,000 application control signatures for OT applications and protocols plus intrusion prevention signatures for over 500 known ICS vulnerabilities.

“Because of the unique challenges of OT systems and devices, many organisations are now seeking solutions that are designed to span IT and OT networks. Fortinet has developed an impressive product range for securing both IT & OT environments and in my opinion offers the most comprehensive range available, a range that offers a truly unrivalled choice of products and deployment options.The Fortinet Fabric ecosystem has allowed Infosec Partners to integrate Fortinet solutions with a wider range of security partner products and services, providing us as an MSSP and integrator with the flexibility to add, migrate, and switch services based on our customer’s unique requirements. ”
Mark Oakton, Director of OT Security, Infosec Partners

We understand that whilst your organisation may have already deployed security tools to combat cyber threats, you may not have recently analysed the effectiveness of your security arrangements, or identified how you can improve the security posture of your OT environment as it grows in scale and complexity.

We recommend that organisations regularly re-evaluate the effectiveness of cyber security tools and solutions to ensure that they are working effectively and efficiently to protect the whole network, especially complex OT environments. Infosec Partners offers a free Cyber Threat Assessment Program (CTAP) to help you achieve this.

We are globally recognised by Fortinet for our advanced skills and ability to deploy, administer and troubleshoot OT cyber security solutions in complex environments. Our highly trained cyber security consultants will analyse your entire network and recommend actions that you can take to mitigate security and threat concerns, improve productivity and optimise the security of your OT network.

Get in touch for more information.


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