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Fortinet and Infosec Partners: Empowering Education with Cyber Security Solutions

By July 11, 2023No Comments
Fortinet Security Awareness event - Securing the future of digital education

Infosec Partners and Fortinet recently joined forces to run a series of ‘Beyond the Blackboard’ cyber security webinars for education establishments. Fortinet is a recognised leader in providing cyber security solutions for the education sector in the UK, offering schools, colleges and universities security solutions and tools to create a progressive learning environment.

A big thank you to Ross Woolhouse, System Engineer Manager at Fortinet, who generously shared his time with us. Ross gave an informative overview of why the education sector is seen as a soft target for cyber attacks, and provided information at great depth regarding how the Fortinet Security Fabric, and the range of Fortinet security solutions, can secure digital innovation in schools, colleges and universities.

We had great feedback from attendees, with many saying they found the sessions to be very informative. In the webinar Q & A’s Ross was asked ‘what would you say are the top 3 solutions that education establishments must implement right now?’ Quick as a flash Ross answered:

  • Next Generation Firewall (NGFW)
  • Network Access and Control (NAC)
  • Endpoint Detection & Response(EDR)

The top 3 Fortinet Cyber Security Solutions for The Education Sector

Great advice from Ross. Taking a deeper look at his suggestions, the top 3 Fortinet solutions that education establishments should implement as a priority in order to build a secure learning environment therefore are:

Fortigate Next Generation Firewall:

  • The world’s most deployed network firewall, Fortigate delivers unparalleled AI-powered security performance and threat intelligence
  • Provides unparalleled visibility and protection for education establishments and campuses of all sizes
  • Simplifes your security posture with one end-to-end security solution across your entire network
  • Allows you to centrally manage applications, users, devices, and access in a single dashboard
  • Flexible deployment options, physical, virtual, and cloud, to fit your unique requirements


  • FortiNAC enables education establishments to secure their networks against unauthorised access and potential threats
  • Allows organisations to easily manage their network access policies and ensure compliance with security policies
  • Gives a comprehensive view of all devices and users on the network, allowing for granular control of access based on user roles, device types, and network locations
  • Provides protection against IoT threats and third-party devices, and orchestrates automatic and fast responses to a wide range of networking events
  • FortiNAC also integrates with third-party security solutions and offers advanced reporting and analytics capabilities for enhanced visibility and compliance reporting


  • FortiEDR identifies and stops breaches in real time automatically and efficiently with innovative endpoint security
  • Discover and immediately control rogue devices and applications based on risk mitigation policies
  • Automatic detection of potential threats in real time—even on compromised devices
  • Automates response and remediation procedures with customisable response processes, while keeping systems online, maintaining business continuity
  • Eliminate alert fatigue and optimise operations, helps organisations to stop breaches in real-time automatically and efficiently, without overwhelming security teams

Implementing & Managing Fortinet Solutions

We also touched upon how organisations should go about implementing and managing Fortinet solutions, and about how important it is to work with suppliers who have experience in the education sector, and who are well versed in the Fortinet range of solutions.

Infosec Partners has extensive experience in helping educational organisations to overcome the unique challenges they face in order to secure their learning environments and protect young people in their care.

As a trusted expert partner of Fortinet, we have invested significantly in training our security consultants to become experts in the complete portfolio of Fortinet security products and solutions, and our team can be trusted to design, operate and manage comprehensive security solutions to safeguard both students and institutions from cyber threats.

Whether you’re looking for consultancy, deployment support, incident response or a 24×7 complete managed cyber security service, Infosec Partners can lighten your cyber security load. We work as a trusted part of your team to keep your network secure and your students cyber safe, and are extremely proud to provide our clients the highest level of cyber security protection, service and support.

If you are looking to secure your education environment with Fortinet’s top-notch cyber security solutions and create a safe digital space for students to thrive please get in touch. All webinar attendees were offered a FREE Cyber Threat Assessment for schools, and we would be more than happy to arrange this for any schools and colleges who were unable to attend the webinars.

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