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Fortinet Firewalls are now DNV certified to operate in marine environments

By September 30, 2022November 21st, 2022No Comments
fortinet fortigate firewalls DNV certified marine

With marine organisations embracing both new and legacy operational technology (OT), the potential for security compromises has been vastly extended. As a result, securing the complex and connected IT / OT networks across fleets and offshore organisations is a significant priority for organisations within the marine and maritime industry.

Fortigate Firewalls achieve DNV Certification

Supporting the drive for improved cyber resilience, Fortinet is now the only security specific vendor, approved by DNV, to put cyber controls, such as FortiGate firewalls, on both the IT / OT networks onboard maritime vessels and marine structures.

DNV is the world’s leading classification society and a recognised advisor for the maritime industry. To obtain approval, DNV expert surveyors verified Fortinet’s manufacturing processes, ensuring compliance with stringent classification rules and standards.

During the extensive DNV certification process for the Fortinet Fortigate FGR-60F and FGR-60F-3G4G firewalls, Fortinet demonstrated that the quality of their products, manufacturing facilities, processes and personnel was well established.

Historically marine organisations have operated vessels and marine structures with standard IT firewalls that offer no protection to industrial OT networks and then operated rudimentary OT segmentation controls from a different vendor to separate the OT controls from the IT systems, the level of protection offered by these products against is very low.

This is an important step in demonstrating Fortinet’s commitment to developing cyber security products and solutions for the cyber challenges experienced within the marine industry.

As the worlds most qualified Fortinet partner, and the first partner globally to be formally certified by Fortinet to secure OT environments, Infosec Partners is a leading cyber solutions provider to marine organisations. We welcome the announcement that Fortinet’s firewall products have gained DNV certification, building product confidence and helping the industry to improve their cyber security.

Mark Oakton, Founder of Infosec Partners, commented “Maritime IT and OT networks require much, much more than simple segregation using basic firewalls and poorly configured security rules to control access between the two environments. Fortinet being approved by DNV to secure both the IT / OT networks in my view is a huge step forward for the maritime industry.”

Chris Parker, Director, Government at Fortinet adds “As a leading vendor for OT and IT cybersecurity, Fortinet is proud to receive this DNV Certification. We continue to serve the global Maritime industry via our partners, securing people, data, and devices everywhere.”

Infosec Partners consultancy services and managed security solutions help maritime and shipping organisations overcome the cyber security challenges within the sector. For more information please get in touch.

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